What is a corneal laceration?

A corneal laceration is when your eyes are damaged and cut due to any sharp object flying with a significant force suddenly getting into the eye. Any such damage not only leads to visual discomfort, but if you don’t treat it for a long time, it can cause loss of vision as well. If the injury is deeper, there can be a full-thickness laceration. This happens when the injury makes a complete cut through the cornea and makes a loop in it or a tear directly into the eyeball itself. Therefore, visit the best cornea specialist in Mumbai if you feel there’s some issue with the cornea in your eye.



Dry eye treatment in teenagers, in recent times, has become a major matter of concern. The increasing use of digital devices by children and teenagers has made them more vulnerable to dry eye syndrome and other related eye issues.

But dry eye syndrome in children is completely preventable and curable. Only as a parent, you need to follow the instructions of your eye doctor and make a few lifestyle changes for your child. You can also visit the best child eye specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live, for comprehensive eye care for your little one.



Eyes are one of the most crucial and complex sense organs in the human body. Eyes help us to visualize objects and perceive the lights, colors, and depth of the things that are in front of us. But due to several conditions, our eyes sometimes get affected and need proper attention and care to get back to its normal state. So if you’re suffering from poor vision these days, we recommend you to visit the best eye doctors in Mumbai and get your eyes checked.

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