Glaucoma is one such eye condition that can occur to anyone above 40 years of age without letting that person know. And this is where a glaucoma specialist comes in. The Glaucoma specialist examines your eyes to detect the early signs of glaucoma and prescribes the right treatment to limit the damage. Among around 3 million people with glaucoma, half of them don’t even know that they are having the disease (source: Classic Vision Care). So if you are aged over 40, you should get your eyes checked with the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live.



Diabetes eye care is one of the most crucial things to get for people with elevated blood sugar levels. There can be a few risks related to vision due to diabetes such as vision impairment, poor eye health, etc.

Generally in a diabetic person, high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the eye. And if the condition is not detected and treated early, this may lead to an eye condition known as Diabetic Retinopathy. So if you are suffering from diabetes and related eye problems, talk to the leading eye specialist in Mumbai.



Eye pain can be of different types but when there’s pressure behind the eye, that unpleasant sensation is something else altogether. Although the reason can vary from person to person, this issue can possibly impact the health of your eyes. Whatever may be the reason, when you have pressure in or behind your eyes, it feels terrible. But with the specialists at Arohi Eye Hospital in Mumbai, you are sure to get the best cure for any of your eye problems.



Visiting the eye hospital in Mumbai can be a regular job for people using eye-glasses or contact lenses. Doctors prescribe a variety of eye drops for different eye conditions but putting them in the right way can sometimes be a challenge for many of you. But with a few tips and practice, you can easily overcome the difficulties of putting in your eye drops. And here in this blog, we have discussed the right ways to use eye drops on your eyes to get the full benefit of the medicine. If you are facing any trouble getting the eye drops, you can talk to the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai.



Glaucoma is a very complex disease that may damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss or complete blindness. We can only think about how glaucoma patients may feel, but we can’t imagine the pain and emotional stress they may be facing! To help such patients get out of that stress, science has come up with a surgery that can reduce pressure in the eye to decrease or prevent the damage of the optic nerve. Up till recently, the surgery involved was highly invasive and major. But, with the evolution of science and technology, doctors have found a new way of treating glaucoma patients with a minimally invasive surgery that can prevent any potential complications that may rise with other highly invasive surgeries.

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