Childhood vision discomfort and other problems related to eyesight are very common. Nourished eyesight is important for the overall development of children since their education and other learning mainly depend on quality eyesight. According to experts, more than half of the difficulties that children face in learning are caused due to undiagnosed eyesight problems. Hence, they recommend a routine eye examination for every child at the best eye hospital in Mumbai or anywhere you live.



The human eye is one of the most sensitive and complex sense organs of the human body. There are light-sensitive tissues at the backend of the human eye and it is called the retina. They send signals to the brain about what you are seeing. So retinal diseases occur when these tissues get damaged for any reason. Children can also have retinal conditions and their severity and treatment procedure also vary. This is why a complete diagnosis and management of retinal conditions with the top retina specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live is extremely required to reduce the damage this disease can cause to your kid’s vision.



If you see unnatural tearing in your child’s eye, or if he’s constantly rubbing his eyes don’t delay visiting the paediatric ophthalmology department in your nearest eye hospital. With age, your child’s eye undergoes quick change. But since a child can not express his feelings or discomfort in a proper way, the issue remains untreated. This ultimately leads to more serious eye problems in the future. So keeping a check with your child’s vision is of optimum importance.



Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common eye disease these days. Computers are now a part of our lives. We can not imagine our works without the help of computers. But did you know that the prolonged exposure to computer screens are causing your eyes a lot of difficulties in vision? If not treated on time, this vision problem can lead to severe eye conditions and disrupt your normal life. But with the leading eye hospital, getting the best treatment for CVS is easier than ever. Here in this blog, we’re offering a detailed discussion on the disease of the modern generation, its cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment etc.



As parents, one is always concerned about the health of their children. And, with every child being a great deal surrounded and involved with digital gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and televisions today, one increased concern is about their eyes. With the increasing use of such digital screens and computer screens, we see a significant increase in eye discomfort and fatigue too. This makes it even more important for you as a parent, to take complete care of your child’s eyes. Here are some effective eye care tips that can help.



Working with children can be quite a task in every new activity. And the worst thing that you may have to manage as a parent is taking him to a doctor. Whether it is a general practitioner, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, or any other doctor, taking your child there without having him getting cranky is almost impossible. The moment your child walks into a clinic or hospital, and has to sit with a doctor to have himself examined with all those tools and equipment, he starts getting those nervous or anxious vibes, which makes him uncomfortable and cranky. But, if you follow the right tips, you can get your child comfortable and at ease. So, here are some tips for you that you can follow whenever you take your child to a clinic or hospital for any medical exam.



Has your child been advised spectacles by your eye doctor? If your child is a tiny tot, he will probably wear whatever you choose for him. But, if he is a little grown up, he will definitely have some of his own tantrums. Today’s children are very fashion conscious and want to look their best with whatever they wear. They are so obsessed with their appearance that they may even choose glasses that may make them only look good, but what about the purpose of the spectacles? What if your child insists of getting eyeglasses that only look good but aren’t purposeful? As a parent, you should know what is right for your child. You need to buy glasses that first solve the purpose of getting him the right vision, and secondly suit his face; not the other way round. But for that, you yourself should first have the right knowledge about buying the right spectacles for your child. So, here’s a guide on buying the right eyeglasses for your little one.



The need for wearing glasses has increased now, as compared to the age of yesterday. Earlier, as we grew in age, we would notice our eyesight having problems, which is why we would start wearing glasses. In fact, our parent or theirs never wore glasses until they reached the adult age. But today, we see almost every child wearing glasses! Even a child as small as 3 years old is required to wear glasses today. As a parent, you may be worried about your child’s vision too. Does your child need to wear glasses? Is he encountering vision problems? While a big enough child a few years old can himself let you know that he can’t see well, which means you need to take him to a child eye clinic in Andheri West for consultation, but if your child is younger, how would you know!? To help you, we have come up with this blog which will help you know the conditions and situations as to whether your child may need glasses or not.

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