We know it’s the season of festivity, weddings, and vacation; and we all want to run away from home to some place new and fresh to take a break from everyday activities, or to attend a wedding. Not everyone has the opportunity to do so, and so if you do, consider yourself lucky! But, amidst all the excitement and thrill, there suddenly comes up this one small yet important hurdle – your dry eyes! What do you do? You don’t want to stay back, and your dry eyes won’t let you go. Do you quit and sit back home to take care of your dry eyes? We’ll say “NO”! Don’t let your dry eye keep you from having fun! But yes, don’t even ignore the condition; it may cause trouble. You need to thus be well prepared for your Dry Eye while planning to travel.



One who loves staying outside is definitely an active person. If it is for work purposes, you are definitely passionate towards your work, and if it is for fun activities, you are definitely an energetic person. In any case, you should never stop that passionate soul within you to die. However, there could be reasons that can force you to let go off that passion. It may be an injury, a fracture, a medical problem, or anything else. If it is some serious condition, you will have no option but to leave your work or play. However, if it is a condition that can be handled, like a Dry Eye, there is no reason that you should quit. Dry Eye is no reason that should have you let go off your fun.



Eye problems are one of the largest problems seen today. Even tiny tots are seen wearing big thick glasses to see! All of this has increased so much because of the lifestyle we live today. In the present age, we are so caught up in our smartphones that we don’t realize our eyes being over exposed to them. Moreover, we have a lifestyle of utter stress, where we don’t get enough sleep and always have our minds working. To add to that, we have diets that include foods like burgers, fries, pizzas, and what not! How do you expect our eyes to stay healthy then?



Dry eye is the dryness of the eye that can cause constant irritation, which causes disruption at work and in everyday activities. The Meibomian glands in the eyelids are responsible for producing meibum, an oily substance, that prevents evaporation of the eye’s tear film, thus keeping the eye moist and lubricated. It is very important that the eyes stay moist because this moisture keeps the eye protected against germs, allergens, and irritants in the air. Tears form in the eye when we blink, which washes away all the debris from the eyes, so that we can see clearly and comfortably. Thus, moist eyes are important to keep them protected and you comfortable. But, when the Meibomian glands in the eyelids are blocked, the eyes are unable to produce the tears, which causes Dry Eye. This is a condition that is common, but not comfortable or one that can be neglected. You need to treat this condition immediately to avoid any major problems in the future. For this, you will need to get in touch with Arohi Eye Hospital to get the best Dry Eye treatment in Andheri West. Here, professionals will first analyze your eyes, and then suggest the right treatment – whether it is to add artificial tears, help conserve your own tears, or help you with other aids like wrap-around glasses and humidifiers. However, this is required only when you suffer from Dry Eye. But, as we all know, prevention is always better than cure. Thus, in order to prevent your eyes from Dry Eye in the first place itself, there are some things you can do.



The eye is made up of a number of parts, veins, arteries, and vessels. It contains many unique proteins that can act as auto-antigens. Any damage done to these proteins can cause eye issues. Some such examples include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal degenerative diseases.



You probably know that vitamins and minerals are very important for maintaining our health, but do you know that certain vitamins are also important for your eyes, to keep them healthy and in proper condition? The two most important vitamins that are important for promoting eye health and preventing vision loss are Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Here, in this blog, we will tell you what these two vitamins are and why they are specifically important for eye health.



The cornea is a very important part of our eye, which is mainly responsible to help us see things the way they are. When easy of light from any object strike the cornea, they bend to enter through the papillary aperture and then pass through the lens filter to form an image on the macula, which is the central part of the retina within the eyes. This image signal is carried to the brain through the optic nerve, which helps the brain perceive it as the known object. While every part involved in this process is important, the cornea forms the most initial element. Any problem in the cornea means no light will be absorbed; thus no image will be formed to reach the brain. Thus, without the cornea intact, there is no way that we can see!



When you are suggested to have routine eye checkups every year, you may wonder if it is really necessary. Well, if you are above the age of 50, you may consider regular eye exams, but if you still in your 20s or 30s, you wouldn’t care, especially if you don’t have any eye problems or refractive error yet. But, you may be wrong here. If doctors suggest that you should have a regular eye checkup, at least once a year, they wouldn’t be wrong, would they? So, you should definitely have an eye exam every 6-12 months, at the least, and make sure to stay on top of your appointments, even if you don’t think you have a problem, because you never know when a problem may arise. Now, let us see why a few reasons why a regular eye exam is important.



Having a Dry Eye? Then you are having dry, itchy, red eyes that makes it even worse when you go out in the sun and pollution! We understand your problem and how you are being refrained from going out and enjoying the wonderful fun outdoor activities like early morning walking/jogging in the park, cycling down your favourite track, swimming in the cold waters during summertime, or playing your favourite sport. You may have been taking up these activities because you love and enjoy them, or because you want to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle. But, your Dry Eye has made it almost impossible for you to take up any outdoor activity now as it always hinders your passion and excitement to engage in outside adventures. But, you are not alone. Unfortunately, there are millions of people suffering from such pain!

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