India is second on the list of countries that is home to maximum number of diabetics. More than 62 million Indians are affected by diabetes, which is more than 7% of the total adult population. And, out of these, nearly 1 million diabetics die every year due to this illness. In fact, India is projected to be home to 109 million patients by 2035! This has been deduced after considering the high-calorie and low-activity lifestyle that the middle class Indians live.



Have you ever felt unshaped random objects floating across your field of vision? You may think that they are some kind of germs floating around outside your eyes or on your eye lens. These are known as eye floaters in medical terms. They can be light, dark, or white in colour, and appear as shadowy figures that float away as you try to focus on them. They may appear as specks, strings, or cobwebs that move along the path as you traverse your eyes left and right or up and down.

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