Response to COVID-19

Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Update

The Clinic is now open from 10am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. We request you to book prior appointments before visiting the Clinic. #Staysafe
Last updated on: 01-06-2021

Steps Taken By Arohi To Ensure Your Safety

-All staff, patients and attendants are required to go through a screening desk stationed outside the clinic to check for their temperature via a non-contact thermometer
-All patients and attendants are required to sign a declaration about their current health condition and their travel history which is checked by our medical team
-Clinical guidelines suggested by the All India Ophthalmic society for consultation and treatment of every patient are being followed

-All patients are encouraged to take online consultation for routine follow up visits instead of visiting the Hospital
-Patients with fever and cough are requested to postpone their regular consultation unless they have an eye-related emergency
-Masks and gloves will be provided to each patient as soon as they walk in
-All patients are checked if they have the Aarogya Setu app on before they enter the clinic
-Hand sanitizers are placed at multiple places in the clinic so that you can use them if you touch any surface
-Patients are encouraged to make online payments to avoid physical cash transactions

-All staff are required to wear gloves, masks and the sanitizer before and after examining every patient
-All our staff perform a 20-second hand wash every hour
-If any of our staff has cough, fever, or is not feeling well, we are instructing them to take adequate rest and stay at home

-Only one attendant with a patient, ensuring your minimum contact with anyone at the hospital
-Additional time gaps between 2 appointment slots to ensure safe distance between two patients so that physical distancing between patients can be maintained
-Additional seating from the waiting area has been removed to maintain the distancing when you are waiting for your appointment
-All doors are being kept open (except the Operation theatre complex) so that you do not have to touch the door handles
-All surgeries and procedures are performed by the staff after wearing a full body OT gown to ensure zero spread of infections. The OT gowns are washed and sanitized after each surgery or procedure.

Guidelines for Patients & Attendants during COVID-19
-All patients and attendants must wear a face mask
-Maintain 1 meter / 3 feet distance between 2 patients and the same distance between Healthcare workers and patients (this also includes distance from registration desk surface / other surfaces)
-Reduce instances of hand to hand transfer (handing over of bills/ prescriptions)
-Avoid cash transactions as much as possible
-In case of sneezing, cover mouth with tissue/flexed elbow, the used tissue to be immediately thrown in a CLOSED bin
-Please do not self-medicate
-Avoid touching table surfaces, door handles and machines

Source: All India Ophthalmic Society