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Diabetes eye care is one of the most crucial things to get for people with elevated blood sugar levels. There can be a few risks related to vision due to diabetes such as vision impairment, poor eye health, etc.

Generally in a diabetic person, high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the eye. And if the condition is not detected and treated early, this may lead to an eye condition known as Diabetic Retinopathy. So if you are suffering from diabetes and related eye problems, talk to the leading eye specialist in Mumbai.



Dry eye treatment in teenagers, in recent times, has become a major matter of concern. The increasing use of digital devices by children and teenagers has made them more vulnerable to dry eye syndrome and other related eye issues.

But dry eye syndrome in children is completely preventable and curable. Only as a parent, you need to follow the instructions of your eye doctor and make a few lifestyle changes for your child. You can also visit the best child eye specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live, for comprehensive eye care for your little one.



Getting rid of your eyeglasses and not having to wear them ever again is freedom. Lasik Treatment gives you that freedom in just around 15 minutes. Thanks to advanced Laser eye surgery, now you can open your eyes and see the world more clearly without using your boring glasses or contact lenses.

But to get the best results, the time after Lasik surgery is crucial. You need to follow certain instructions by your eye specialists and take caution. Read ahead to get the best tips to recover from Lasik surgery.



Laser Eye Surgery by a retina specialist can cure a variety of retinal issues. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the signs of the disease and visit your doctor as soon as possible. Generally, middle-aged and elderly people suffer from retinal disorders. But most retinal diseases are curable these days with advanced technologies used at Arohi Eye Hospital for the best retina treatment in Mumbai.



Eye pain can be of different types but when there’s pressure behind the eye, that unpleasant sensation is something else altogether. Although the reason can vary from person to person, this issue can possibly impact the health of your eyes. Whatever may be the reason, when you have pressure in or behind your eyes, it feels terrible. But with the specialists at Arohi Eye Hospital in Mumbai, you are sure to get the best cure for any of your eye problems.



If you are looking for the best squint specialist in Mumbai, this blog has your solution. Squint is a special eye condition in which both the eyes do not align with each other when they look at any object. In medical terms, this condition is called Strabismus. Often people call it lazy eye or crossed eye as well. However, this malalignment in the eyes happens due to mismatches like the inability of the eye to focus on a particular point off in the distance properly.



Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s use of digital screen time has increased a lot. This brings a bunch of eye problems and hence people are looking for ways to reduce computer eye strain. Stressed or tired eyes show a lot of symptoms and in medical terms, it is called Computer Vision Syndrome. But why does this strain occur and how to save your eyes from this? Let’s discuss.



Watery eyes are common eye problems for people of all ages. Tears are very important parts of the eye. They are responsible for the proper functioning of the eye. Tears keep the eyes lubricated, wash away any dust and foreign particles, etc. Tears also protect the eyes against infection as they are part of the immune system too. Normally, the eyes produce tears through tear ducts. But when the eye produces a lot of tears, the tear ducts overflow. This condition disrupts the normal functioning of the eyes. So consult your eye specialist if you have a prolonged case of watery eyes.



If you see unnatural tearing in your child’s eye, or if he’s constantly rubbing his eyes don’t delay visiting the paediatric ophthalmology department in your nearest eye hospital. With age, your child’s eye undergoes quick change. But since a child can not express his feelings or discomfort in a proper way, the issue remains untreated. This ultimately leads to more serious eye problems in the future. So keeping a check with your child’s vision is of optimum importance.

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