The human eye is one of the most sensitive and complex sense organs of the human body. There are light-sensitive tissues at the backend of the human eye and it is called the retina. They send signals to the brain about what you are seeing. So retinal diseases occur when these tissues get damaged for any reason. Children can also have retinal conditions and their severity and treatment procedure also vary. This is why a complete diagnosis and management of retinal conditions with the top retina specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live is extremely required to reduce the damage this disease can cause to your kid’s vision.



What is a corneal laceration?

A corneal laceration is when your eyes are damaged and cut due to any sharp object flying with a significant force suddenly getting into the eye. Any such damage not only leads to visual discomfort, but if you don’t treat it for a long time, it can cause loss of vision as well. If the injury is deeper, there can be a full-thickness laceration. This happens when the injury makes a complete cut through the cornea and makes a loop in it or a tear directly into the eyeball itself. Therefore, visit the best cornea specialist in Mumbai if you feel there’s some issue with the cornea in your eye.



Peripheral vision is what lets you see objects all around you. You don’t need to move your eyes or turn your head to see objects on either side. It also helps you walk without crashing into objects and sense motion. The different nerve cells and rods that are located outside the macula help the human eyes get good peripheral or side vision. Visit the best Mumbai eye hospital if you feel your side vision has suddenly become restricted.



Glaucoma is one such eye condition that can occur to anyone above 40 years of age without letting that person know. And this is where a glaucoma specialist comes in. The Glaucoma specialist examines your eyes to detect the early signs of glaucoma and prescribes the right treatment to limit the damage. Among around 3 million people with glaucoma, half of them don’t even know that they are having the disease (source: Classic Vision Care). So if you are aged over 40, you should get your eyes checked with the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live.



Eye care for COVID patients is a matter of concern for all, be it children or adults, or aged persons. The deadly coronavirus can affect various parts of the human body and the eyes are no exception. But how does the virus harm your vision and what are the ways to protect your eyes from the effect? Don’t worry, the expert eye specialists at Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai have got you covered. Here we have shared everything you need to know to take care of your eyes when you are covid infected. So keep on reading.



A squint specialist is an expert in treating squint eye or lazy eye or strabismus. A person with a squint eye stops dealing with information from the affected eye. Although the squint eye condition occurs in early childhood, young adults can also experience the condition.

Treatment of such a condition is generally done using eye patches. But based on the patient’s eye health and physical requirements, the doctor from the paediatric ophthalmology department can also suggest corrective vision surgery to treat the squint eye.

However, to treat a child’s squint, surgery is one thing, but to get the optimum results, you need to ensure the best post-operative care of your child’s eye. And here in this blog, we’ll be discussing what to expect after a squint surgery and the ways to take the best care of the eyes. So keep on reading.



What is contoura vision?

Contoura Vision surgery is an advanced US FDA-approved technology that corrects corneal irregularities along with the spectacle errors in the human eye. It results in a much sharper and better vision. It is a computer-guided topographic mapping method that records 22,000 microscopic contours of the cornea and improves the effects of Lasik treatment. Based on the topolyser and corneal topography, it rectifies the vision. And this latest contoura procedure at Arohi Eye Hospital helps to optimally correct the irregularities of the curvature of the optics as well as the clear front part of the eye, i.e. cornea.



Diabetes eye care is one of the most crucial things to get for people with elevated blood sugar levels. There can be a few risks related to vision due to diabetes such as vision impairment, poor eye health, etc.

Generally in a diabetic person, high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the eye. And if the condition is not detected and treated early, this may lead to an eye condition known as Diabetic Retinopathy. So if you are suffering from diabetes and related eye problems, talk to the leading eye specialist in Mumbai.



Dry eye treatment in teenagers, in recent times, has become a major matter of concern. The increasing use of digital devices by children and teenagers has made them more vulnerable to dry eye syndrome and other related eye issues.

But dry eye syndrome in children is completely preventable and curable. Only as a parent, you need to follow the instructions of your eye doctor and make a few lifestyle changes for your child. You can also visit the best child eye specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live, for comprehensive eye care for your little one.

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