Are you confused about the selection of the best eye hospital in India for your next eye examination? Or maybe you have picked out a few eye care centers with the help of the internet but are toiling on choosing the right one? If this is the case, then we’ve got you! In this blog, we have shared 5 key tips that will help you to select the right place for getting comprehensive eye care. Keep reading and get rid of the doubt forever. Also, you can reach out if you are looking for the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai.



Laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai is something that many patients, like you, look for when they wish to get their vision corrected by removing their specs forever. Laser eye surgery is a simple surgical procedure where the eye surgeon opens the surface of the cornea by making a circular flap on it. The Doctor uses a Laser to reshape your cornea to correct the vision disorder. Every year hundreds of patients undergo Laser eye surgery and almost 96% of them get 6/6 or 20/20 vision after the procedure is done (source: Contoura Vision India). So here in this blog, we are going to discuss the costs of laser surgery including the benefits and the things you should keep in mind while undergoing laser eye surgery. Keep on reading and stay updated.



Contoura Vision eye surgery is an advanced version of Lasik surgery that provides improved benefits to the patients who wish to get rid of their eyeglasses. People who are not eligible for undergoing Lasik surgery due to irregularities in the cornea can also get good results with this advanced technique. The top Mumbai eye hospital has advanced Laser machines where the process of vision correction is carried out.



Although cataract surgery is a very common and safe eye surgery doctors perform today, there are many people who are unaware of its must-known facts. Cataract comes to most of the people after the age of 60. But with 98% (approx) of favorable outcomes (source: Vision Aware), this surgery has a highly successful track record. It takes only 15 mins for the experts to complete the surgery and a few days for the patients to heal entirely. Here’s a complete guide to the facts that you must know before undergoing this surgery. For optimum outcomes, opt for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai at Arohi Eye Hospital.



Lasik Surgery is the most frequently performed method for refractive error correction. It takes almost 15 mins to get both eyes treated with this method. Refractive error correction is painless and an immediate process and with this procedure, you can get stabilized within one day only. Lasik treatment is appropriate for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. So let’s dive deeper to know more about this demanding technique of vision correction.



For most of people wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses are a very convenient replacement. But with comfort, comes some risk of serious eye conditions such as corneal ulcers and other infections. Contact lenses should not be used throughout the day. You need to remove it after a certain time and cleanse it in the right way. Negligence in using contact lenses can cause different eye ailments which can spread very fast and in rare cases, can cause blindness. Reach out to the best eye hospital in Mumbai for expert consultation before you opt for contact lenses.



Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common eye disease these days. Computers are now a part of our lives. We can not imagine our works without the help of computers. But did you know that the prolonged exposure to computer screens are causing your eyes a lot of difficulties in vision? If not treated on time, this vision problem can lead to severe eye conditions and disrupt your normal life. But with the leading eye hospital, getting the best treatment for CVS is easier than ever. Here in this blog, we’re offering a detailed discussion on the disease of the modern generation, its cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment etc.



Visiting the eye hospital in Mumbai can be a regular job for people using eye-glasses or contact lenses. Doctors prescribe a variety of eye drops for different eye conditions but putting them in the right way can sometimes be a challenge for many of you. But with a few tips and practice, you can easily overcome the difficulties of putting in your eye drops. And here in this blog, we have discussed the right ways to use eye drops on your eyes to get the full benefit of the medicine. If you are facing any trouble getting the eye drops, you can talk to the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai.



Selecting the right ophthalmologist in Mumbai is as crucial as getting the best eye treatment. It’s one of the key decisions in life as you’re trusting him for the correction of your most precious vision. Better vision leads to a better lifestyle. So for a better quality of life, taking good care of the eyes is necessary. Often we neglect little problems with our eye-sight. But these underlying issues sometimes become bigger and may lead to low vision or complete blindness. Hence, we recommend you to opt for regular eye check-ups to reduce the chances of vision loss. Also, with this, early detection and treatment of various eye diseases are possible.
So, here in this blog, we’re going to share a few necessary guidelines to make you aware of your vision and keep it healthy. Read ahead!

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