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Blended Vision is a LASIK procedure where the excimer laser makes one eye (non-dominant eye) a little nearsighted. Your dominant eye then sees clearly in the distance and the non-dominant eye sees near.

What is Blended Lasik?


Laser blended vision treatment is suitable for people suffering from presbyopia. People mostly begin to suffer from presbyopia, refractive error between the ages of 40–45 years. As we age, the natural lens inside the eye grows, leading to a decrease in the ability of the eye to change its focus from distance to near, a process called accommodation (accommodation (eye).

Presbyopia is corrected with blended LASIK in such a way that the dominant eye is set for distance and intermediate vision while the non-dominant eye sees best in the intermediate to near range. Because of the similarity in the visual performance of each eye in the intermediate range the brain is able to fuse the images between the eyes rendering a good binocular vision wherein the eyes are effectively working together to allow good vision at near, intermediate and far, without the use of glasses

Laser Blended Vision can also be performed after cataract surgery in order to increase the independence from spectacles. Similarly, cataract surgery can be performed together with Laser Blended Vision to provide a patient with better spectacle independence.

What are the Benefits of Blended Lasik?

The key advantage of Laser blended vision is the freedom from reading glasses. A significant advantage of Laser blended Vision is that it does not involve a surgery that requires entering the inside of eye, a requirement for all other intraocular lens alternatives that involve either intraocular lens monovision or the use of multifocal/Trifocal intraocular lenses

What are the Risks of Blended Lasik?

You will be able to see objects clearly both up close and far away, but, because your right eye is focusing at one distance while your left is focusing at another, you may lose depth perception. There is a period of adaptation of a few weeks to Laser Blended Vision. During adaptation patients may feel that the distance vision is strange, and this can produce some slight dizziness or visual discomfort in the initial phases.


You may still need reading glasses for certain tasks after blended vision LASIK. Presbyopia is not reversed by Laser Blended Vision, which is a highly effective treatment but not a cure and as presbyopia is a progressive condition, a boost may be required some years after treatment. Typically the effects of Laser Blended Vision surgery last between 5–10 years and most patients are able to have an enhancement procedure to recover the benefits of the initial procedure.

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I had a Lasik performed by Dr Shradha Goel and the consultation was done by Dr Shalomith Uppapalli for the same. Both of them are friendly and helped me throughout the process to be calm. Lasik was performed in no time and the whole process was smooth, thanks to the doctors 🙂

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I was very nervous coming for my operation that I had been delaying for the past 10 years, but coming to Arohi was a very positive experience. The staff was very kind and my interaction with Dr. Shradha was comfortable. Highly Recommend!

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Due to my higher eye power, I was operated for ICL. Arohi Eye Hospital has taken all the care and has been followed us up regarding our checkup. It was a fantastic experience for me and my family. The staff is very cooperative and the environment is very positive. Most importantly, Dr Shradha Goel has helped us a lot.

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