Although cataract surgery is a very common and safe eye surgery doctors perform today, there are many people who are unaware of its must-known facts. Cataract comes to most of the people after the age of 60. But with 98% (approx) of favorable outcomes (source: Vision Aware), this surgery has a highly successful track record. It takes only 15 mins for the experts to complete the surgery and a few days for the patients to heal entirely. Here’s a complete guide to the facts that you must know before undergoing this surgery. For optimum outcomes, opt for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai at Arohi Eye Hospital.

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    How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost in Mumbai?

    The cataract surgery cost in Mumbai can vary from hospital to hospital. It ranges between INR 15000 to INR 125000 (per eye). Also, it depends on different factors like the type, quality, origin of the lens that is going to be used in the vision correction process. The lens can be foldable or non-foldable, the quality of the lens can be hydrophilic or hydrophobic, the origin of the lens can be India or abroad, the spectacle correcting can be toric, multifocal, trifocal etc. So all these things are considered when it comes to the cost of cataract surgery.

    Do’s and Don’ts Before the Cataract Surgery:

    If you are preparing yourself for cataract surgery it’s crucial for you to ask questions to your eye expert during the cataract screening. Your doctor will guide you with the to-do list. So by following these you’ll create a path to a successful surgery and faster healing.

    Do’s Before the Cataract Surgery:

    1. Visit your eye expert for a pre-operation appointment:
    Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor just a week ago from the date of surgery. The doctor has to conduct various eye tests to decide on the kind of intraocular lens you will need. Also, depending on the results of the tests, you need to select the quality of the lens like premium or basic. If you opt for a basic lens you would need to wear eyeglasses after the surgery. The tests your doctor will conduct on your eyes will be a short and painless process.

    2. Wear comfortable outfits on the day of surgery:
    On the day of the surgery, you need to wear comfortable clothes. You need to relax and stay comfortable before, during and after the process. So pick clothes that are easy to wear and remove. Avoid something that is difficult to pull over your head. Leggings, light shirts etc. would be a nice option. These clothes will help you to manage the eyeshield that you are going to wear after the surgery. Also, after the surgery you are going to feel tired, so wearing comfortable clothes will enable you to go to bed and take rest immediately whenever you feel like taking a rest.

    3. Get someone to take you to your home from the hospital:
    After you schedule your cataract surgery, we recommend you to get someone from your family or friends to drive you from the hospital to home. Also, during the surgery, the doctors put numbing eye drops, sedative medicines etc. So because of this, we recommend you not to ride a car yourself and get someone to take you home. After the doctor evaluates your eye the next time and gives you a go-ahead on driving your car, you can do it. But before that, maintaining the instructions is very important. Reach out to the top eye hospital for the best cataract surgery cost in Mumbai.

    Don’ts Before the Cataract Surgery:

    1. Eat or drink just before the operation:
    Just before the surgery, don’t eat or drink anything. Because under sedation your stomach can get acidity and it can go into your lungs. This ultimately can damage your organs. Have your meal or drink right 12 hours before the surgery and ensure you are safe from the acidity and consequent damage.

    2. Wear makeup on the eyes or face:
    As you’re going to operate your eyes, it’s advisable to wash your face properly. You should not apply any makeup, eyeliners, lotions, perfumes before visiting the hospital for surgery. It’s because the chemical particles present in the makeup can get into your eyes. It can cause infection in your eyes and also hamper the healing process.

    3. Stress yourself:
    It’s possible that just before the surgery you can be stressed and tense. But we recommend you not to overthink and get stressed. Stress and anxiety are bad for the overall procedure and healing. Don’t consume alcohol and get enough rest and sound sleep the night before the surgery.

    What questions should you ask before cataract surgery?

    Cataract surgery is the process of removing the cloudy lens from the eyes and replacing it with a new lens. The purpose of the surgery is to improve the vision. So before undergoing the best cataract surgery in Mumbai you need to ask a few questions to your doctor. This process will clarify all the doubts you may have before the surgery. But what questions should you ask your eye expert? Check the list below for getting a detailed idea.

    • How can cataract surgery help my eyesight?
    • If my both eyes have a cataract, should I have surgery on both eyes simultaneously?
    • Would I require to wear eyeglasses for reading or seeing after the surgery?
    • How much time would it take for me to get a better vision after the surgery?
    • Is there any instruction for me to work on before the surgery?
    • Should I stop taking any of my medications or change them?
    • When should I visit my eye expert for a regular checkup before and after the surgery?
    • How long would the surgery take to finish?
    • How do the doctors remove the cataract? Is it with a laser or is there any other type of lens implants?
    • Are there any risks involved in cataract surgery?
    • Do I have to spend the entire night in the hospital after the surgery?
    • Would I have to apply eye drops or wear an eye patch?
    • Is it possible for me to take shower or bath at home after the surgery is done?
    • How soon is the recovery process completed?
    • When do I need to see the doctor for a follow-up?

    How long does it take to see after cataract surgery?

    Usually, after the surgery, the friends or family of the patient take them to their homes and the recovery process is completed there. Adequate rest, proper medications, and enough care can help you to recover from the process of surgery and get an improved vision. The entire healing can take up to 1-3 months. And the operated eyes can get stabilized in 2-4 months after the surgery. But your eyes are able to see clear pictures immediately after the surgery when doctors instruct you to go back to your home. And after that, you need to follow the instructions that your eye specialist prescribes. This enables you to have perfect eyesight for a long time ahead.

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place for undergoing cataract surgery. We have the latest infrastructure for undergoing the process. The cost is also affordable. So for getting your vision corrected by cataract surgery with the best eye experts in Mumbai, Get in Touch with us.