Laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai is something that many patients, like you, look for when they wish to get their vision corrected by removing their specs forever. Laser eye surgery is a simple surgical procedure where the eye surgeon opens the surface of the cornea by making a circular flap on it. The doctor uses a laser to reshape your cornea to correct the vision disorder.

Every year hundreds of patients undergo Laser eye treatment and almost 96% of them get 6/6 or 20/20 vision after the procedure is done (source: Contoura Vision India). So here in this blog, we are going to discuss the costs of laser surgery including the benefits and the things you should keep in mind while undergoing laser eye surgery. Keep on reading and stay updated.

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    What is Laser Eye Surgery?

    Laser corneal sculpting is a medical process where surgeons use laser technology to reshape the external surface of the eye. Laser surgery is done to correct short-sightedness or myopia, long-sightedness or hypermetropia and uneven curvature on the surface of the eye or astigmatism. It is an age-old process. The first-ever laser crafting process was done almost 30 years ago.

    When we look into the eye, we see a transparent structure in the front of the eye. This is called the cornea. It is a crucial part that allows the light to enter the eye. The cornea is the first of two focusing systems in the eye, and the other is the glassy lens which is located behind the cornea.

    When the surgeon performs laser eye operation, he uses an excimer laser which is computer-controlled and helps to remove tiny amounts of tissue from the cornea. The objective of this surgery is to recover the normal eyesight so that the patient does not require his/her eyeglasses or contact lenses to see.

    What are the Various Types of Laser Surgery?

    There are various types of eye surgery that use the Laser technique for vision correction. One is Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). In this procedure, the thin layer of the cornea, called the corneal epithelium is cleared using the excimer laser and the underlying layers are reshaped.

    Another process is the Femtosecond Laser. It is a more commonly used method of vision correction where a thin layer of corneal tissue is crafted for improved eyesight. Reach out to the most renowned eye specialist in Mumbai for getting your vision corrected.

    Again, there’s another updated process of vision correction using Laser and it is known as laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK). In Contoura Lasik, an instrument called a Topolyser is used, which measures 22,000 distinct points on the cornea and reshapes the cornea using an Excimer laser after creating a flap with a microkeratome.

    Another variation of Laser eye surgery is SMILE. In this procedure, the femtosecond laser is used to create an internal lenticule of tissue in the cornea with a little cut at the rim of the cornea. The surgeon detaches the lenticule from the conjoining tissues with the help of a spatula and pulls out through this opening. The laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai is also very modest for patients of all financial scales.

    What are the benefits of Laser Eye Surgery?

    With Laser surgery you can get the following benefits:
    1. Safest Technology to Treat Refractive Eye Conditions: Laser eye surgery is the most advanced and safest procedure known in the world for improving refractive eye conditions. If performed correctly by the experts, it gives 100% results that will last really long. In cases of astigmatism, the success rates are highest with reduced glitches reported by the patients.

    2. Quickest Process for Vision Correction: The entire process of Laser surgery takes only 15 -20 mins to complete. Generally, patients are not required to stay at the hospital. After the surgery is done the patients have to undergo some small post-surgery tests by the specialist. So if the specialists don’t find any such issues, the patients can go home the same day.

    3. Most Painless Way to Get Renewed Vision: Doctors apply an anesthetic eye drop to numb the eyes before undergoing the process. This helps the doctors to perform the operation in the most painless way. However, while the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser for making a flap on the surface of the cornea, some patients can feel a little pressure on the eyes. But the overall process is pretty much a painless and fast process.

    4. Affordable Process and Easy Payment Options: Laser eye surgery is an affordable process for people of all sections. Some eye hospitals provide easy payment options to the patients. So if you are planning to undergo laser eye treatment for getting rid of your eyeglasses forever, just reach out to the best eye care center in Mumbai.

    5. Freedom of Enjoying Spotless Vision: The entire vision correction process is very exciting for patients who were compelled to use eyeglasses or contact lenses for a long time. So when the entire process is done, the corrected vision gives them a very pleasant experience. They simply enjoy the freedom of spotless and renewed vision.

    Things to Keep in Mind while Undergoing Laser Treatment for Eyes:

    Although Laser eye surgery is extremely safe, you should keep in mind while you opt for it and go by the suggestions that the eye-specialist prescribes. These are:

    1. You have to Take a Short Break from Your Regular Life: Laser eye operation requires patients to stay away from their daily routines for a few days. While the actual procedure itself typically lasts just 15-20 minutes, patients may need to spend a few hours or even an entire day at the hospital. In certain instances, the doctor may request the patient to return for a follow-up visit the day after the surgery.

    2. There can be a Risk of Getting Side-effects: Laser surgery can have some side-effects depending upon the health conditions of the patient. Although the risk is very low, the chances can never be ignored completely.

    3. Post-Surgery Care can Be a Little Serious: After the surgery, patients must take precautions to avoid injury and ensure a speedy recovery for their eyes. Doctors provide specific guidelines that patients should diligently follow to fully enjoy the benefits of vision correction achieved through laser eye surgery.

    How much is the Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai?

    Laser Eye Surgery is a very affordable process of vision correction for patients. It has gained immense popularity among patients due to its fast, painless and affordable way. The laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai ranges between INR 40,000 to INR 1,20,000 (for both eyes). Although the cost varies from hospital to hospital, it mainly depends on the process the patients opt for. The more advanced the process, the less complex it is to get the vision renewed. So before you select your eye hospital for Laser eye surgery, talk to the best eye hospital in Mumbai or Get in Touch with us right away.