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Arohi Eye Hospital commenced its journey in 2010, by the renowned eye specialist in Andheri, Mumbai, Dr. Shradha Goel. The state-of-the-art machinery, unparalleled expertise, dedication, and commitment of the doctors and staff members for providing precision and accuracy to the eye-treatment and the loyalty shown by the patients, since our inception, have enabled Arohi Eye Hospital to nourish advanced eye care services for the nation and beyond

Over the past years, the veteran eye-specialists at AEH, the leading eye hospital in Andheri, Mumbai, have been pioneering vision research and have imparted renewed eye-sight to more than 50,000 patients, locally and around the world. The long-established tradition of providing personalized eye care and addressing the most complicated cases have let us take care of every patient right from the moment they walk in.

Our mission to enhance the quality of life by improving and preserving vision, preventing blindness, resolving eye-disorders, and advancing ophthalmic knowledge through humane patient care has made us the global leader in ophthalmology.

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Mere cataract ke operation ke baad kaafi improvement hua. Jaldi hi achchi tarah se dikhai de raha hai. Dhanyavad

Alok Roongta [Kiran devi]

Very calm and cozy atmosphere, the attention provided to patients is very personalized contrary to other clinics, hygienic in price focus, and approach towards treatment is very structured.

Roopchand agarwal

Nature and behavior of Doctor is not only good, I would like to say awesome. After surgery, I was told that the patient’s (my mother) eye will be red, and it will be watery, but nothing like that happened. Experience matters. All the best for her professional carrier. Thanks a lot!

Priyadarshani Tanushree

I am very much satisfied. Really, Dr. Shardha, you are excellent. I am thankful. God always keep you smiling and give you all pleasure.


It was all very excellent. I thank my Doctor and the team for being very attentive and co-operative. I am proud to be a client of and a friend to Clear Vision Eye Care. Thanks a lot for making my days!

Indira dadhia

I am very much satisfied with the operation done by Dr. Shardha. God bless you.

Kamini Sharma

Excellent! Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Suresh Satwani

Excellent and brilliant doctor with great knowledge. My best compliments are with her. God bless her with all the happiness she has dreamed.

Parul Chawla

Utterly sweet, soft spoken doctor. Made us extremely comfortable. We shall see her always (Gods forbid), if the eye problem arises again! Completely satisfied. All the best!

Dr.Anupa Choubey

Very sweet and soft-spoken doctor with beautiful eyes. Satisfied completely. Best wishes!

Vikas Agarwal

She is an excellent doctor. Very well examined and explained. Keep up the good work. Best of luck!

Tanveer sheikh

She was very sweet and kind. She talked very nicely to me. She is the best eye doctor.

Eye Care Facts and Myths

Do You Know:
  • Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes?
  • Using a computer screen is harmful to the eyes?
  • Wearing poorly fitting contact lenses does not harm your eyes?
  • It is okay to swim while wearing soft contact lenses?
  • Children will outgrow “crossed“ eyes?

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