Lasik surgery has been one of the most successful refractive error correction surgeries that were first invented in the 1990s. A revolutionary and highly effective method, Lasik treatment provides permanent relief to the problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. There are many reasons why Lasik is a popular choice for people worldwide for corrective eye surgery. And in this blog, we’ll discuss the reason. So keep on reading.



Getting rid of your eyeglasses and not having to wear them ever again is freedom. Lasik Treatment gives you that freedom in just around 15 minutes. Thanks to advanced Laser eye surgery, now you can open your eyes and see the world more clearly without using your boring glasses or contact lenses.

But to get the best results, the time after Lasik surgery is crucial. You need to follow certain instructions by your eye specialists and take caution. Read ahead to get the best tips to recover from Lasik surgery.



Laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai is something that many patients, like you, look for when they wish to get their vision corrected by removing their specs forever. Laser eye surgery is a simple surgical procedure where the eye surgeon opens the surface of the cornea by making a circular flap on it. The Doctor uses a Laser to reshape your cornea to correct the vision disorder. Every year hundreds of patients undergo Laser eye surgery and almost 96% of them get 6/6 or 20/20 vision after the procedure is done (source: Contoura Vision India). So here in this blog, we are going to discuss the costs of laser surgery including the benefits and the things you should keep in mind while undergoing laser eye surgery. Keep on reading and stay updated.



Contoura Vision eye surgery is an advanced version of Lasik surgery that provides improved benefits to the patients who wish to get rid of their eyeglasses. People who are not eligible for undergoing Lasik surgery due to irregularities in the cornea can also get good results with this advanced technique. The top Mumbai eye hospital has advanced Laser machines where the process of vision correction is carried out.



Lasik Surgery is the most frequently performed method for refractive error correction. It takes almost 15 mins to get both eyes treated with this method. Refractive error correction is painless and an immediate process and with this procedure, you can get stabilized within one day only. Lasik treatment is appropriate for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. So let’s dive deeper to know more about this demanding technique of vision correction.



Lasik is a very commonly performed procedure today, with every adult wanting to undergo the procedure when he or she wants to get rid of their spectacles and contact lenses, to be able to see clearly with their naked eyes again. A few years ago, not many people willingly underwent the procedure because they were too scared to mess with their eyes. But, with the advancement in technology that has brought up safe procedures, and the success rate that has been associated with Lasik, more and more individuals are opting for the procedure today. Nevertheless, even though the procedure has proven to be completely safe with almost zero side-effects (unless in the rarest of cases), it is always advisable to undergo the procedure when you are being operated with only a reliable and experienced surgeon. You must never take a chance of undergoing the surgery from a surgeon you haven’t known much about, only for a small discount or low price. After all, your eyes are the most precious, and you don’t want to take a risk at any cost! So, how would you know that a surgeon is the right one to approach? Here’s a checklist to help you with finding the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai.



Lasik surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries performed around the world to help patients get rid of their refractive error, and see clearer and brighter, without the aid of any kind of glasses or contact lenses.



LASIK and LASEK are two different surgical options that can treat refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you have till date thought that both the procedures are same, with just a difference in the spelling, used differently by different people, or if you have yet not known the difference between the two, this blog will help you understand not just the differences, but also the similarities, and the advantages of one over the other.



Lasik is one of the most wonderful innovations that science has brought to us, with the eyes being able to see clearer, better, and brighter than one could see with glasses or contact lenses, only with the help of a simple 10 minute laser surgery! Lasik is generally considered a very safe procedure that has brought only benefits to all for years and years to come. But, there could also be very rare chances of side effects for some, such as dry eyes, glare, halos, double vision, and astigmatism. While these side effects are very rare, it is important that you know about them, because you should always be ready to face any circumstances, if they arise, even if you are getting operated by the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai. Despite this, you must also know whether Lasik is a good option for you. While Lasik definitely is the best option for every candidate who wants to get rid of his eye number, there are certain conditions that may hinder you from getting operated. So, what are they?



Lasik is a surgery done to improve vision by altering the shape of the cornea so that light can get properly focused on the retina, thus resulting in clear vision. Although Lasik is one of the safest and most comfortable procedures, there is always a kind of fear associated with it because it is afterall a surgery, and one always has lots of questions in mind before undergoing any kind of surgery. There is definitely no harm in having doubts and questions in mind, but it is true that Lasik is actually a very safe procedure. However, to calm your mind, and help you have a relaxed mentality before you enter the surgical room, you could always clear all your doubts and questions, such as these.

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