One who loves staying outside is definitely an active person. If it is for work purposes, you are definitely passionate towards your work, and if it is for fun activities, you are definitely an energetic person. In any case, you should never stop that passionate soul within you to die. However, there could be reasons that can force you to let go off that passion. It may be an injury, a fracture, a medical problem, or anything else. If it is some serious condition, you will have no option but to leave your work or play. However, if it is a condition that can be handled, like a Dry Eye, there is no reason that you should quit. Dry Eye is no reason that should have you let go off your fun.

What is Dry Eye?

Before understanding whether or not you should give away to your Dry Eye, let us first understand what this condition is about. It is the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) that is the leading cause of Dry Eye. This is the condition in which the Meibomian glands in the eyelids become blocked and do not produce the oils necessary for protecting the tear film of the eye. This leaves the tear film exposed and causes painful eye irritation, which may result in redness, itching, and watering of the eyes.

What worsens Dry Eye?

Staying outdoors can worsen your Dry Eye symptoms. The wind, low humidity levels, sand, pollutions, pollens, and other allergens can make it even more uncomfortable for you. Other things that can discomfort you are fire, smoke, smartphones, televisions, laptops, and the like.

What should be done?

Now that you know what Dry Eye is and how being outdoors can only worsen the condition, you would want to quit your outdoor work and fun, and just stick to the indoors. But, this is not right. While you may feel more comfortable indoors, rather than outdoors, this won’t help treat your condition. To help you get rid of the Dry Eye symptoms, you need to get in touch with an eye specialist, who can provide you with the right Dry Eye treatment in Andheri West. The doctor mat suggest you –

Artificial tears – The doctor will suggest to instill artificial tears into your eyes to maintain the moisture levels in them. For those with delicate eyes, there are preservative-free artificial tears available too.

Tear conserving – Tears drain out of the eye through a small channel into the nose. These tears can be conserved by either temporarily or permanently closing these channels.

Other methods – You may be suggested wrap-around glasses, and changes in your diet. For example, if you increase the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids (which is found in salmon, anchovies, sardines, and flax seeds), you can find quite some relief. You may also be recommended some Omega-3 oral supplements if you can’t intake all such foods.

How to enjoy outdoors while coping with Dry Eye?

So, while you are on medication and therapies with the doctors at Arohi Eye Hospital for the best Dry Eye treatment in Andheri West, you don’t need to stop having fun outdoors. But yes, you definitely need to follow all the instructions given to you. Eat healthy, sleep healthy, keep your eyes moist, keep on your glasses at all times, and stay away from all those elements that can irritate your eyes. While you do all of this, you needn’t just stick at home.

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