Working with children can be quite a task in every new activity. And the worst thing that you may have to manage as a parent is taking him to a doctor. Whether it is a general practitioner, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, or any other doctor, taking your child there without having him getting cranky is almost impossible. The moment your child walks into a clinic or hospital, and has to sit with a doctor to have himself examined with all those tools and equipment, he starts getting those nervous or anxious vibes, which makes him uncomfortable and cranky. But, if you follow the right tips, you can get your child comfortable and at ease. So, here are some tips for you that you can follow whenever you take your child to a clinic or hospital for any medical exam.

Stay with your child throughout the examination

This goes unsaid, but it is important that one or both the parents stay with the child throughout the examination. We say this because there are some parents who don’t want to be in the room during the exam, maybe because they can’t see their child getting all those checkups done because it may hurt them to see their child uncomfortable. Or, it could also be because they may feel that their child will be better off without them in the room. But, whatever the reason, leaving your child alone in the room is a big NO! A parent sitting in the room during the examination, holding their child’s hand, will only give them comfort. Children won’t be able to trust the doctors in the room, and will need someone they can trust in the room, and know that they are in safe hands.

Make every possible effort to keep the child calm

If the parent is in the room, the child will at least feel secured, if not comfortable. The next step is to make the child calm so that the doctor can make all the checkups easily. For this, if possible, you can ask the doctor if you can help them with certain procedures; if you could use their equipment for a while to help make the checkups so that the child gets comfortable with the environment. Also, you can ask your child to first get comfortable with the doctor by introducing them and helping them have some light fun talk. This will help your child think that the doctor is a friend, which will help him get at ease.

Keep talking

Instead of making the entire exam seem like a task, keep the mood light by non-stop speaking to your child. Speak about whatever he may like, or whatever he may be interested in. This will keep the child’s mid engrossed, making it less difficult for the doctor to do the check-ups. Make your child feel that the exam is something fun, rather than scary. Keep yourself smiling throughout and help him see the exam procedure as something that is very easy.

Bring along their favourite toy

When you bring your child to a doctor, the best way to help him feel nice is by bringing along a toy or two that he really loves to play with. It could be a soft toy, a car, or any other thing that he loves to be with. There is always this one toy that a child would love to keep with him all day. Bring it along with them so that he stays busy playing with it, making it easier to perform the checkup. However, make sure that the toy is not too big or noisy, which can only make the environment a little out-of-the-line.

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