Strabismus, or squint in layman terms, is a condition in which both the eyes point in different directions. The defect could be in one or both the eyes. Either both the eyes could be pointing inwards or outwards, or one eye could be normal, while the other would be pointing elsewhere.

Strabismus in adults

Strabismus in adults can be seen as a result of progressive untreated strabismus in childhood. But, if the individual did not have any symptoms of strabismus in childhood, the strabismus could be a result of an eye injury, eye disease, or any trauma caused to the brain. Approximately 4% of adults suffer from strabismus. The most common cases come from childhood strabismus, with starts at a time when the patient can suppress one eye, and avoid double vision. Other cases that are caused due to medical illness or an accident, makes this sudden onset hard for the patient to tolerate, thus prompting immediate evaluation and treatment by the best squint specialist in Mumbai.

Treatment of strabismus – Should you opt for it?

Earlier, there was no successful cure for adults suffering from strabismus. But now, with the advancement in technology, it has become possible to not only treat the condition, but also improve the field of vision, depth perception, and the way the two eyes work together. Patients who do not treat their strabismus suffer from a loss of binocular vision and stereopsis, as a result of which the two eyes do not work in coordination, as they should, to provide depth perception.

Various treatment options

The most successful treatment for strabismus repair is a reconstructive surgery, which involves tightening or moving one or more of the outside eye muscles that move the eye to change the eye position. These muscles are attached very close to the front of the eye under the conjunctiva, the clear surface layer. Strabismus surgery can eliminate double vision, improve three-dimensional vision, and expand the field of vision, thus eliminating abnormal head posture, improving psychosocial function, and improving vocational status. But, all this is going to take a little while. Remember, you are going to have a difficult time for up to a week, to recover after squint surgery, but the results that you are going to have will be amazingly successful that will last for a lifetime!

However, there are many other treatment options possible too, depending upon the individual case. For example,

  • Glasses can be prescribed to the patient to improve vision and eliminate double vision.
  • Prisms can be temporarily attached as a piece of plastic to glasses, or permanently ground into the glasses.
  • Eye patches can be prescribed to cover one eye, and block the double vision.
  • Botox injection may help the eye muscles to be paralyzed, thus allowing the eyeball to fall back into correct alignment.

With so many options available, how would you know what is right for you? This is where you will need the help of a specialist. Arohi Eye Hospital is the best squint specialist in Mumbai who can help identify your condition and symptoms, and also help you treat it with the best possible treatment.