Lasik is a surgery done to improve vision by altering the shape of the cornea so that light can get properly focused on the retina, thus resulting in clear vision. Although Lasik is one of the safest and most comfortable procedures, there is always a kind of fear associated with it because it is afterall a surgery, and one always has lots of questions in mind before undergoing any kind of surgery. There is definitely no harm in having doubts and questions in mind, but it is true that Lasik is actually a very safe procedure. However, to calm your mind, and help you have a relaxed mentality before you enter the surgical room, you could always clear all your doubts and questions, such as these.

Is Lasik right for you?

While Lasik is absolutely safe and effective for every visual error patient, you can rest assured that it is the perfect solution for you once you have got all the checks correctly done. The list includes that you have healthy eyes, a thick cornea, are of at least 18 years of age, and have a stable refractive error. Also, you must be sure you aren’t pregnant, or don’t have any severe diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, or AIDS.

Are you with the right surgeon?

You should ensure that the surgeon you are fixing an appointment with for your surgery is an experienced one who has already performed several successful Lasik procedures in the past. Also, make sure you are choosing a certified surgeon. Dr. Shradha Goel is a certified and experienced Lasik surgeon having successfully performed more than 10,000 Lasik surgeries in her career of more than 15 years. And, because she is the chief surgeon at Arohi Eye Hospital, the hospital itself becomes the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai!

Know all the before’s and after’s of the surgery

The surgery itself is a simple 10 minute procedure that will require you to just lie stable in place and do nothing else. You won’t feel any pain because you will be given an anesthetic before getting into the room. You also don’t need to worry about moving or closing your eyes because your eyes will be held open and in place with the help of a small device. With everything being just right during the procedure, you also need to know all the precautions to be taken before and after the surgery for an effective outcome. This includes getting rid of your contact lenses a month before the surgery, not applying any kind of makeup or cosmetics a few days prior to the surgery, and eliminating all kinds of blood thinning medications before the surgery. In addition, you need to take care of your eyes to the maximum for at least one month after the surgery by covering them with eyeglasses whenever you go out, and keeping them away from all kinds of dirt, dust, pollution, smoke, and fire. Stay away from water, driving, and from rubbing your eyes for few days after the surgery.

Understand the long term effects and complications associated with the surgery

While Lasik is absolutely safe, there may arise some complications. Although rare, you must be informed. These include redness, itchiness, or burning sensation. However, these complications can be reduced with time by giving your eyes enough rest in a dark room, and having a cold compress. Also, these complications will seem to be very tiny when compared to the amazing long term effects of the surgery. Lasik is a one-time procedure which will bring you brighter and clearer vision that will last you a lifetime! Obviously, if you develop cataracts later in life at an older age, your vision will be affected again, for which you will then require a cataract surgery.