Squint is one of the most common eye problems seen in Indians, both children and adults. This condition is where the eyes are not aligned; one or both of the eyes are turned inwards/outwards/upwards/downwards so as to have both the eyeballs focus in different directions; thus hindering good vision. The eye muscles of the affected eye are weak, which is why it cannot focus in the right direction.

How can squint be treated?

Squint is generally tried to be treated with the help of prescribed glasses or contact lenses, if the squint is normal or in the initial stages. An eye patch is also used to help the affected eye focus, by covering the normal eye with a patch. While all of these processes could prove successful, but they are very time consuming, as even if the results are observed, they will be seen only after a few years of waiting.

This is why people now prefer opting for surgery instead so that squint is treated immediately. This is the best option for those who can afford a surgery, as it brings immediate and successful results.

How is squint surgery performed?

The eye muscles that are loose and weak are tightened with the help of surgery. The suppleness is lost, and the focus of the eyeball is corrected, and moved towards the center of the pupil. One or more of the outside eye muscles that move the eye are tightened to change the eye position. The muscles are attached quite close to the front of the eye under the conjunctiva, but the eye is never taken out of the socket during surgery.

This is why a squint surgery specialist is required. After the surgery, the stitches are used to attach the muscles in their new positions. Squint surgery is generally a one-day procedure, so you should be out of the hospital the very same day, unless in rare cases. With squint surgery being 100% successful and safe, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t opt for it, unless it is the cost.

How much does a squint surgery cost?

The cost of a squint eye surgery in India may vary from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, depending upon the technology being used, and the other resources required for the surgery.

Are you eligible for squint surgery?

Anyone who has deviated eyeballs can be treated by surgery. Anyone whose eye muscles affect the eyeballs is eligible, provided that they aren’t suffering from high blood pressure. And, for other ineligibility checks, you must always have your eyes and medical condition checked by a specialist, before undergoing the surgery.

Where to get your squint treated?

Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place you can have a squint surgery done. Here, all age groups of people are treated for squint by a special certified squint ophthalmologist, who has been treating squint for over the past many years. We have the best squint specialist in Mumbai working at the hospital who has successfully conducted more than 100 squint surgeries in her career of 4 years.

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