LASIK surgery in Oshiwara Mumbai, performed at Arohi Eye Hospital, is one of the most common procedures performed on eye patients who wish to cure any kind of vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. It involves peeling of the cornea flap, followed by reshaping of the underlying corneal tissue, after which the flap is again put back in place. While it may sound terrifying, it actually isn’t felt because the patient is given local anesthesia. Moreover, the anesthesia is also given in the form of eye drops, and not shots or needles, thus making the entire procedure painless. In addition, the surgery is just a ten minute procedure, with no hospital stay, and getting back to work the next day itself. To make it sound even better, the results that come out of the surgery involve not only clear vision, but also brighter and better vision with the colours seeming even more vibrant and lively!

With all of the above benefits and conveniences, who wouldn’t want to get the procedure done, if it brings better results with freedom from glasses and contact lenses? Moreover, after LASIK eye surgery in Oshiwara Mumbai, there is no discomfort that is felt with glasses and contacts; no irritation; no maintenance efforts and time; and no additional costs. Once you get the procedure done with a one time investment, one day rest at home, and a few weeks of normal care, you can get outstanding results after which you have to worry no more about keeping your eyewear in place, keeping it safe, and maintaining it. You are free from all kinds of vision related problems!

But, one question that comes to mind is whether the results of LASIK can be experienced forever. While LASIK is said to be a permanent procedure, it isn’t always true. Although you can experience results for years and years together, the fact remains that the effects of LASIK can regress after a certain period of time. As we age, and we reach our 40s, our lenses begin to harden, causing crystallization, which gives trouble looking at things close to the eyes. As we cross that age, these crystals slowly become cataracts. However, this problem occurs in the lens, and not in the cornea. So, whether or not you undergo the LASIK procedure, this process is going to occur. Thus, you can’t associate the LASIK procedure with this issue. But yes, the effects of LASIK won’t be able to help forever because of the upcoming problem of cataracts.

However, worrying about what happens later in the old age, we shouldn’t be giving up on the freedom and comfort that we can experience now. If you do have vision problems, problems with wearing or handling your glasses/lenses, and headaches caused due to vision, LASIK surgery in Oshiwara Mumbai is the best option for you. If you are 18 years or older, you can get the procedure performed on your eyes, and enjoy freedom from vision problems, at least up till the age of mid-40s, if not more! And, if you are lucky enough to not have cataracts for a longer period of time, you can enjoy the benefits of LASIK for longer too!

So, one thing you must understand and keep in mind for sure is that poor vision after LASIK has nothing to do with the LASIK procedure itself. It is only a part of the ageing process that affects the lens and not the part of the eye that is treated with LASIK – the cornea. And anyways, even if you attain cataracts early, you can always have them treated too, like any other vision problems, at an eye specialist hospital like Arohi Eye Hospital; meaning all problems solved!