Refractive error and cataracts are two most common eye problems that we see, with refractive error starting to create problems from a very young age, and cataracts coming on after an age of around 60. Although this is not definite; refractive error may come in the late adult stage, and younger adults may get cataracts too. But, going with the general way things work, almost every individual who suffers from a refractive error in the teens or adulthood goes in for a Lasik surgery to get rid of his spectacles and contact lenses. Then, when he grows older, he starts suffering from cataracts, which is why he wishes to undergo a cataract surgery too. But here, the question that arises is whether he can undergo a cataract surgery after he has undergone a Lasik procedure. If you are one such confused individual, you are at the right place to clear off your doubt.

Cataract surgery after Lasik is safe

Generally, one undergoes Lasik surgery in his 20’s or 30’s, and over the course of 3 to 4 decades, he develops a cataract, which forms clouding of the natural eye lens. So now, in the 50’s or 60’s, there is blurred vision, glare around car headlights, colour perception changes, and so much more that is making visualizing anything uncomfortable. In fact, cataract may also get so uncomfortable that it becomes impossible to carry out even everyday activities like driving or watching TV. This is why you want to consider getting a cataract surgery done. And, if you are worrying about whether you can get it done because you have undergone a Lasik surgery in your eyes already a few years back, we’ll say that there’s nothing to worry about. Having had previous laser vision correction procedures won’t add any additional technical challenge to the cataract surgery. However, this does not mean that you don’t care to tell your surgeon about any such procedures you’ve had before. In order to be safe, it is always better to tell your surgeon about any and every kind of eye surgery procedures you have had in your entire lifetime. This is because such knowledge will help the surgeon check for any changes in the methods he’ll use for your eyes, or in working out the correct intraocular lens implant for your requirements.

Where to get your cataract surgery done?

So, whenever you are considering a cataract surgery, you can get in touch with Arohi Eye Hospital, the hospital specialized in treating patients with both refractive error and cataracts. Our specialist doctors are skilled at treating almost every kind of eye issue, and providing the best surgical outcomes. When it comes to the best cataract surgery in Mumbai, we use sophisticated algorithms to optimize the calculation of the IOL lens implant power, taking into account your eye condition, your general health, and any eye procedures that you may have had in the past. We are skilled at handling even the most complicated procedures that can help improve the refractive accuracy in both our refractive lens exchange and cataract procedures. And, letting us know all about your eye conditions, previous eye infections, past eye procedures, and every other relevant information can make it even more helpful to us to bring to you the best possible outcomes. After all, we always aim to take every individual towards a clearer, brighter, and corrected vision, and make a significant difference in people’s lives through our compassionate and ethical eye care.