As we all shift from the four stages of lockdowns since March 25, 2020 towards a new phase of unlocking the country from today, it becomes even more dangerous to move around, as the spread of the Coronavirus will be on a high rise from now onwards. We thus need to be absolutely careful about how we move around, how we meet with the people around, and how we live our lives. One mistake, and we can’t even imagine where we may land up!

Till now, we have only been told about what the Coronavirus is, and how it can easily spread through the small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales. This is why we are asked to wear masks that can cover our nose and mouth. But, has anyone told you that the eyes can also play an important role in the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak!? It’s scary and weird, but true.

How can the eyes spread Coronavirus?

We know that this is the only question that will immediately pop up in your mind after reading about the eyes playing a role in spreading the virus. So, here we have explained how your eyes can prove to be a player in the game too. It is believed that Coronavirus can be spread only through the airborne respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. If an infected person directly coughs or sneezes on you, you are at the highest risk of getting infected too! You will possibly inhale these droplets, which will get into your respiratory tract and infect you with the virus. Also, if the infected person does not sneeze or cough directly on you, but onto a nearby surface, and you mistakenly touch the surface, you are sure to have the virus on your hands too. And, when you touch those infected hands to your nose or mouth, you’ll be unintentionally inhaling the virus. Now, just like the mouth and nose are direct organs that help inhale something into the body, the eyes can also indirectly bring foreign objects into the body. After all, every mucous membrane that lines various cavities in the body is susceptible to the transmission of the virus. So, while the relationship between the transmission of Coronavirus and the eyes is complicated, it is absolutely possible for the eyes to catch the virus and bring it into your body. So, you must consider it as important as the nose and mouth.

How to stay protected?

While you are keeping away from the infection to spread through the nose and mouth by covering your face with masks, it is equally important to keep your eyes covered too. Here are some ways.

  • If you using complete face shields instead of masks, you might not have to take any other precautionary measures for your eyes.
  • You can cover your eyes with zero number glasses while indoors, and sunglasses while you are out. The best kinds of glasses are “safety glasses” which protect your eyes all around for better protection.
  • Contact lens wearers touch their eyes more often than those wearing glasses. This is why it is advised that you switch to eye glasses for a few months, instead of your contact lenses.
  • The best way to keep yourself protected is not to touch your face the moment you leave your house until you return back and wash your hands thoroughly with soap. This includes everything from your eyes to your nose and your mouth.

In spite of all the precautions, if you still happen to have your eyes infected, you should be quick to seek medical help. Although rare, it is possible for Coronavirus to cause conjunctivitis. So, if you do experience pink eye, get an appointment with an eye specialist at the earliest! Don’t panic; just follow every instruction with complete care, and you’ll be alright. Arohi Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in Mumbai you can get in touch with for any kind of eye related issues, or even the simplest of consultations. You can also stay in touch for your routine eye exams.