Childhood vision discomfort and other problems related to eyesight are very common. Nourished eyesight is important for the overall development of children since their education and other learning mainly depend on quality eyesight. According to experts, more than half of the difficulties that children face in learning are caused due to undiagnosed eyesight problems. Hence, they recommend a routine eye examination for every child at the best eye hospital in Mumbai or anywhere you live.

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    How do you know your child has vision problems?

    Childhood vision discomforts would show up with a few symptoms and these are:

    • Frequent rubbing and blinking of the eyes
    • Difficulty in reading books
    • Frequent pain in the head
    • Often the child covers one eye
    • Tendency to avoid reading activities
    • Often tilt the head to the side
    • Holding books very close to eyes while reading
    • Skipping some line or paragraph while reading something
    • Difficulty in remembering lines or words that they are learning
    • Unable to focus on close working tasks for long periods and so on.

    What are the common childhood vision problems?

    There are various reasons why a child suffers from vision disorder. So the most common one can be the inability to detect the problem in the first place. Since children can not communicate well about their eye discomforts, so if the guardian is not well watchful, it might go unnoticed. To get the most secure and effective laser eye treatment for vision correction, you can reach out to us.

    However, some common eye problems in children are as follows:

    • Lazy eyes: This is the condition where one eye is not capable of seeing properly and like the other eye. The quality of vision is reduced while the other stays normal. However, this condition is treatable, doctors use patches and a corrective eyeglass to cure the issue. But if it is not diagnosed and treated in the first place, it can lead to permanent vision loss.
    • Astigmatism: In this condition, the child might have a cylindrical power and the vision might be blurred. Although the exact cause of astigmatism in children is not known, experts assume that it might run in families. Doctors generally prescribe corrective lenses to treat this childhood vision problem. It’s a very common eye condition in children, however, with time and the right treatment, most of them grow out of it.
    • Cataract: Depending on the age of the child, doctors can operate on childhood cataracts and implant clean and fresh clean lenses to get the vision back.
    • Squinted eyes: Squint is also a very common eye condition in children. If detected early, it can be somewhat treated, but if left untreated, the vision damage can be permanent. To get your child’s eyes checked with the experts at the best eye hospital in Mumbai, you can reach out to us.

    Can childhood vision improve?

    Mostly children’s vision improves with time and age and they outgrow the need to use eyeglasses. There are also some other ways to improve your child’s natural vision and these are:

    • Eye exercise
    • Blinking more often
    • Reduced use of digital devices
    • Eating healthy food and vegetables
    • Activities that enhance the coordination between hands and eyes and motor skills etc.

    Why is a regular eye exam important for your child?

    Every parent wishes the best for their children’s future. And healthy eyes play a big role in determining the future of children. Unhealthy eyes or critical eye conditions can interfere with their learning and overall growth. A lot of childhood vision problems, if detected early, are treatable. Hence, it’s important to be mindful of any signs of eye discomfort your child might show and then to get them checked immediately.

    Arohi Eye Hospital is one of the leading names in the eye care industry with experts in the paediatric ophthalmology department. The testing laboratories and operation theaters we have are fully equipped with advanced technology machinery for next-level services. Our experts are also having years of experience in successfully treating childhood vision issues. Get in touch with us to book an appointment today.