Has your child been advised spectacles by your eye doctor? If your child is a tiny tot, he will probably wear whatever you choose for him. But, if he is a little grown up, he will definitely have some of his own tantrums. Today’s children are very fashion conscious and want to look their best with whatever they wear. They are so obsessed with their appearance that they may even choose glasses that may make them only look good, but what about the purpose of the spectacles? What if your child insists of getting eyeglasses that only look good but aren’t purposeful? As a parent, you should know what is right for your child. You need to buy glasses that first solve the purpose of getting him the right vision, and secondly suit his face; not the other way round. But for that, you yourself should first have the right knowledge about buying the right spectacles for your child. So, here’s a guide on buying the right eyeglasses for your little one.

Shape of the frame

The best choice of frames for your child should be rectangular or oval. Choose any shape to suit the face of your child, but make sure that the frame is well-centered, such that the center of your child’s eyes coincides with the center of the frame.

Material of the frame

Choose lightweight materials like fiber or titanium, rather than metallic frame, which can be heavy and uncomfortable for the child, as well as corrode over time.

Dimensions of the frame

The height and width of the frame should be such that the eye is completely enclosed by the frame. No matter which direction your child looks in, he should be able to look through the spectacle lens, and not through the lens edge.

Stem of the frame

The stem should not press on the temple region of your child’s head, while it should also fit snugly behind the ear. The stem is flexible, and thus can be adjusted by the optician to fit well on your child’s face, without bringing him any discomfort.

Hinges of the frame

Children are always prone to putting on and taking off their glasses, and that too with very rough usage. Thus, you should give your child frames with flexible hinges, which have a spring-like action and do not snap off while handling.

All in all, you need to give your child frames that are trendy yet purposeful. Both you and your child need to be happy – you with purposeful frames, and your child with trendy frames. But, make sure, whatever design you choose, the frames must cover the entire eye of your child, while making it light, comfortable, and strong for them. Your child won’t handle the glasses with as much care as an adult would; so give him something that can handle his rough usage.

NOTE: One thing that you need to note here is that unlike adults, a child’s eyesight may frequently change with time, which may require a change of his glasses too. Also, with the change in facial features, your child may also require a different frame with the changing requirements of a spectacle fit. Thus, you need to always give your child a regular eye checkup for identifying any change in the eye’s number. Arohi Eye Hospital is the best child eye clinic in Andheri West that you can refer to for such regular eye checkups. There are specialist paediatric doctors here who can help with any eye difficulties of your child.