The need for wearing glasses has increased now, as compared to the age of yesterday. Earlier, as we grew in age, we would notice our eyesight having problems, which is why we would start wearing glasses. In fact, our parent or theirs never wore glasses until they reached the adult age. But today, we see almost every child wearing glasses! Even a child as small as 3 years old is required to wear glasses today. As a parent, you may be worried about your child’s vision too. Does your child need to wear glasses? Is he encountering vision problems? While a big enough child a few years old can himself let you know that he can’t see well, which means you need to take him to a child eye clinic in Andheri West for consultation, but if your child is younger, how would you know!? To help you, we have come up with this blog which will help you know the conditions and situations as to whether your child may need glasses or not.

Excessive eye rubbing

If you see your child rubbing your eyes a lot, it may be a refractive error problem. It could be that your child is straining his eyes to look at an image, which is why his eyes are itching and getting uncomfortable. This will have him to rub his eyes to attain temporary relief. This is another condition where glasses could be needed. However, there could be other reasons why your child is rubbing his eyes; so before coming to a decision, make sure you approach a child eye clinic in Andheri West to find the exact reason for your child’s excessive eye rubbing.


If your child squints to look at something that is far away or close-up, it is a sign that your child is suffering from a refractive error, which affects how well the eye focuses on an image. If your child is squinting, it means that they are unknowingly temporarily improving their vision so that they can see the image clearer. So, why not provide him with a permanent solution to help him see clearly by making him wear glasses? The glasses will help to see the surrounding images clearer so that they don’t need to squint anymore. Approaching a child eye clinic in Andheri West will help identify if the child is suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, which will help you provide him with the right eyeglasses to wear.

Sitting too close to visual electronic devices

Using a smartphone too close to the eyes is a very common sight today. This may have nothing to do with your child’s vision, but it may be a habit because he is too engrossed in his game playing or watching a video. But, if your child is seen sitting too close to the TV, laptop, or any other such visual electronic device, then it could be a sign that your child is suffering from nearsightedness. Your child sees better at a close range compared to far away, which is why he sticks to close to the screen. Wearing glasses could be the best solution for your child in this case.

Any of the above symptoms, or any other eye problems seen in your child, you need to get in touch with a paediatric eye doctor right away! Arohi Eye Hospital is the best child eye clinic in Andheri West you can get in touch with to have your child’s eye problems detected and solved.