Chronic conditions and eyesight are sometimes interrelated. Although not all conditions affect eyesight, there are some on the list that can have severe consequences on vision and the overall quality of life. One such name, we all know, is diabetes. However, little awareness and carefulness can help you a lot to protect your eyes from damage. But for that, you need to know the symptoms and seek medical help whenever you spot them. You can also visit the top retina specialist in Mumbai for advanced help.

So here in this blog, we are going to discuss some chronic diseases and their effect on eyesight. Check them out and stay alert and you’ll be all ready to prevent vision damage.

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    Chronic conditions and your eyesight

    Here are some chronic diseases that you should be aware of for keeping your eye health in check.

    1. Glaucoma: Glaucoma mainly causes gradual degeneration of vision. In this disease, the optic nerve in your eye is affected and the loss of vision starts in the side or peripheral vision. To clarify, some symptoms of glaucoma in the eye include:

    • Blindness
    • Tunnel vision
    • Blind spots in the eye
    • Pain and redness in the eye
    • Severe headache
    • Halos around the lights and so on.

    2. Diabetic retinopathy: Diabetes is one of the most common problems for people of all ages, mainly above 40. Basically, it damages the process of insulin production in your body as well as your eye health. And diabetic retinopathy impacts the blood vessels present in the retina, which, in turn, damages the overall eyesight. Hence, it’s imperative that you manage your diabetes as well as get a regular eye checkup with the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai or anywhere you live. Certainly, maintain a healthy lifestyle and medication. Meanwhile, some basic symptoms that your eyes might show in diabetic retinopathy include:

    • Seeing dark cobwebs or floating spots in the eye
    • Sporadic difficulty reading or seeing objects that are far away
    • Moreover, loss of partial vision or absolute blindness and so on.

    3. Macular degeneration: It is one of the chronic conditions that affect the key part of the eye, the retina. And in the retina, macular degeneration damages the macula part. Since the macula is responsible for sharp vision, this condition worsens the overall eyesight over time. Although in the initial days, you’ll not notice any symptoms, with time, you’ll see the following eye issues:

    • Distorted or blurred vision
    • Dark spots in the visual field
    • Diminished color vision
    • Loss of central vision
    • Difficulty reading or recognizing faces
    • Trouble seeing in low light and so on.

    4. Chronic eyelid inflammation: This condition is medically termed blepharitis. It is a chronic inflammation that causes bothersome signs in the eyelids and impacts your daily life. However, there are basically two types of blepharitis, anterior and posterior. Anterior damages the outer front eyelids whereas posterior damages the inner eyelids and it swells. You can visit the leading best eye surgeon in Mumbai for advanced guidance. Meanwhile, some common symptoms include:

    • Burning, itchy or red eyes
    • Crusty eyelids
    • Blurred vision
    • Gritty sensations in the eyes
    • Mucus-based or watery discharge and so on.

    Looking for the best cure for chronic conditions and your eyesight?

    Although there are no such immediate cures for chronic conditions that damage your vision, the right treatment can help slow the spread and limit the impact on eye health and everyday life. However, Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place for treating any eye conditions that you might have. We have the best eye specialists in town as well as the most advanced instruments for eye surgery and overall treatment. So, if you are looking to manage your eye health, just book your slot on our website or get in touch with us.