What is a corneal laceration?

A corneal laceration is when your eyes are damaged and cut due to any sharp object flying with a significant force suddenly getting into the eye. Any such damage not only leads to visual discomfort, but if you don’t treat it for a long time, it can cause loss of vision as well. If the injury is deeper, there can be a full-thickness laceration. This happens when the injury makes a complete cut through the cornea and makes a loop in it or a tear directly into the eyeball itself. Therefore, visit the best cornea specialist in Mumbai if you feel there’s some issue with the cornea in your eye.

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    What causes corneal laceration?

    As we have already mentioned, any activity in which flying objects at high speed get into the eye directly can cause a corneal injury or laceration. The objects can be like grass while trimming the garden, metal while grinding in a machine, wood while cutting, stone while carving, and so on.

    However, other causes might be if you do the following:

    • Get harmful chemicals into your eyes.
    • Get sand, ash, dirt, sawdust, or other foreign particles in your eye.
    • Develop a certain type of infection in the eye.
    • Engage in high-risk physical activities without wearing the right eye shield.
    • Poke your eye with a pen, fingernail, or makeup brush.


    What are the symptoms of corneal laceration?

    Corneas are the clear layer in the eye that covers the coloured part of the eye or the iris and safeguards the pupil. It’s like the entrance to the world of vision. So, any damage to this part can lead to severe eyesight issues and maybe blindness. However, some corneal laceration symptoms are:

    • Severe pain in the eye more when you blink
    • Excessive tearing and redness in the eye
    • Blurry or cloudy vision
    • Decreased eyesight
    • Bleeding in the eye
    • Light sensitivity


    Corneal abrasion Vs Corneal laceration

    Certainly, corneal abrasions occur by some minor trauma in the eye. It can also happen with contact lens use especially when you accidentally poke your eye or scratch the eye with your fingernail. If you experience any vision discomfort, see the top eye specialist in Mumbai without making any delay.

    However, a corneal laceration is more serious and it is a prominent cut on the cornea. It typically develops either something flying into the eye or striking the eye with significant force. However, the difference between a laceration and an abrasion is that a laceration is deeper than the abrasion and it cuts partially or entirely through the cornea, unlike the abrasion.

    What should you do instantly if your eyes are injured?

    Corneal laceration management is an extremely serious thing that demands expert attention and care. But initially if your eyes are hurt due to any object hitting them, do the following for immediate relief.

    • Firstly, place a shield over the eye for protection in a very gentle way. You can cut off the lower part of a paper cup and attach this piece to the area around your eye. Let it be there so it can protect the eye until you see a doctor or reach a medical shop.
    • Secondly, avoid rinsing your eyes with water.
    • Further, if an object is stuck in the eye, don’t ever remove the object yourself.
    • Moreover, never take aspirin or other non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory medicines, else, these will thin the blood and increase bleeding.
    • Likewise, do not at all apply any pressure or rub your eyes
    • After you are able to protect the eyes temporarily, visit a physician as early as possible.


    How to treat corneal laceration?

    Corneal laceration surgery is one of the most used processes to treat the condition. By applying modern surgical methods the surgeon first closes the place where the object is stuck in the eye. Further, the doctor will suggest some eye drops or medicine to make sure that the possibility of infection is ruled out. Then, he may advise wearing a bandage for a few days after the surgery. And if the damage is more severe, you may require several more surgeries subsequently.

    Book an appointment with the renowned cornea specialist in Mumbai for the best treatment of any cornea-related issue you might have.

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