The human eye is one of the most sensitive and complex sense organs of the human body. There are light-sensitive tissues at the backend of the human eye and it is called the retina. They send signals to the brain about what you are seeing. So retinal diseases occur when these tissues get damaged for any reason. Children can also have retinal conditions and their severity and treatment procedure also vary. This is why a complete diagnosis and management of retinal conditions with the top retina specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live is extremely required to reduce the damage this disease can cause to your kid’s vision.

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    So what are the types of retinal diseases that occur in children?

    There are different kinds of retinal diseases that occur in children and these are:

    • Detached retina: It appears when the retina detaches from the eye’s backend due to any trauma or any other disease.
    • Retinopathy of prematurity: It generally occurs in premature babies and causes moderate to severe growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina. It might require surgery to cure.
    • Juvenile macular degeneration: It is an inherited child eye disorder in which the macula or the part of the retina that helps central vision is damaged.
    • Retinoblastoma: This is an eye cancer in the retina of young children.
    • Uveitis: It is a rare and severe condition in children that causes chronic inflammation in the back, front, or middle part of the retina.

    What are some retinal disease symptoms in children?

    Retinal diseases are curable but early detection and timely treatment are the keys. Detection of the retinal disease symptoms in children is very crucial in the early stages. However, some of the symptoms which you should never ignore in your child are:

    • An eye that has a white pupil or an eye that looks white in photographs
    • Partial or full loss of vision
    • Night vision loss
    • Black floaters in the eye
    • Sudden flashing of lights that don’t go away
    • Light sensitivity
    • Trouble focusing or misalignment of the eyes
    • Sudden dramatic changes to the eye’s appearance

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    How are retinal diseases detected in children?

    Detection of retinal disease in children is not tough, but you need to take your child to the doctor at an early stage. Advanced imaging technology ensures that the diagnosis is accurate and the children receive immediate and proper eye treatment. Some diagnostic tests that the experts run in children to identify the disease are:

    • Fluorescein angiography: The expert injects a dye into the bloodstream that causes the blood vessels in the eye’s backend to shine. This is just when a camera-like device takes images.
    • Electroretinography: It’s a test that measures the electrical response of the light-sensitive cells of the eye. Generally, the experts use it to check the macula.
    • Optical coherence tomography: OCT is a noninvasive imaging technology for getting 3D images of the retina. It helps to get a detailed 3D perspective of the inner eye.
    • Visual field testing: It helps to check the blind spots, any defects in the eyesight, and how much the eyes can see out of the corners.

    Looking for the best retinal disease treatment in Mumbai?

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