Eyes are one of the most crucial and complex sense organs in the human body. Eyes help us to visualize objects and perceive the lights, colors, and depth of the things that are in front of us. But due to several conditions, our eyes sometimes get affected and need proper attention and care to get back to its normal state. So if you’re suffering from poor vision these days, we recommend you to visit the best eye hospital in mumbai and get your eyes checked.

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    What is Dry Eye Disorder?

    Among lots of common eye diseases, Dry Eye is the one that most people get to experience at some time in their lives. Usually, the eye is always soaked in tears. Tears help to lubricate the eye, maintain nutrition and supply oxygen to the eye structure as a refractive part, and aid to clear debris from the eye’s outer surface. So when a special condition with the tear film occurs due to tear deficiency or excessive drying up of the tear, it is called Dry Eye in medical terms. It hurts the surface of the eye and a variety of other symptoms showing ocular discomfort is seen due to this Dry Eye ailment.

    What are the Symptoms of Dry Eye Disorder?

    The symptoms of dry eye can be the indication of bodily disease, hence if timely detected doctors can properly recognize the systemic disorder. Also, patients with dry eye disease are inclined to develop potentially blinding ailments and other such risks as well.

    General symptoms of Dry Eye

    • Stinging or Burning sensation in the eyes
    • Thread like mucus in or around the eyes
    • Abnormal eye sensitivity from wind or smoke
    • Itchiness
    • Cloudy eye-sight
    • Pain in the eye
    • Eyes get exhausted
    • Photosensitivity
    • Too much tearing
    • Difficulties in wearing contact lenses

    Too much tearing from eyes that are having “dry eye” syndrome might sound absurd, but it is how the eyes react to discomfort. When the tears that have to wet the eyes are not enough to do their job, the eyes suffer from irritation. This irritation causes the tear-producing glands to discharge a lot of tears and overwhelms the tear drainage system. Hence, tears overflow from the eyes. So if you’re having a few of the above-mentioned symptoms, get your eyes tested with the best eye specialist in Andheri, Mumbai without making any delay.

    What are the Causes of Dry Eye Disorder?

    There can be a lot of underlying causes of dry eye and these are:

    • Inflammation like allergies
    • Inappropriate way of using contact lenses
    • Autoimmune ailments like Sjogren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Hormonal disorders like pre and post-menopausal ladies and patients with hormone replacement therapy
    • Any bodily disorders like diabetes mellitus, lack of vitamin A, vitamin D, Thyroid
    • Prolonged use of strong medications or previous surgery for vision correction that might cause hypersensitivity in the eyes
    • Other systemic medications like antihistamines, diuretics, antidepressants, cholesterol lowering medications, psychotropics, oral contraceptives and beta blockers etc.

    How is Dry Eye Disorder Diagnosed?

    As you’ve already known, dry eyes can occur due to different causes, so it’s crucial to execute a comprehensive check-up before starting the treatment. Diagnosis of dry eye can be possible by the following ways:

    • Complete History

    Thorough knowledge of the patient’s history of diseases has to be obtained. It has to be known if the patient wears contact lenses, has diabetes, disorders with connective tissue, thyroid gland, previous eye surgery, and relevant drug intake. Studying history lets a doctor reach the diagnosis aptly.

    • Questionnaire

    The Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) questionnaire helps to learn about the symptoms and fathom the gravity of the disease. Reach out to the leading eye hospital in Andheri, Mumbai for early detection and treatment for Dry Eye disease.

    • Slit Lamp Exam

    To check for any abnormalities in the front section of the eye, a careful Slit-lamp biomicroscopic test is done. Here a test at the ocular surface is done to detect meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, or any such other lid disorders.

    • Break-up Time Test (TBUT)

    An assessment of the tear film stability can be done with the fluorescein tear break-up test (TBUT). If the TBUT is found less than 17 seconds, evaporative dry eye disorder is confirmed.

    • Schirmer Test

    This examination is another clinical process for detecting the intensity of dry eyes. Here the potential of the watery section of the eye is tested by placing filter-paper strips beneath the lower eyelid to gauge the rate of tear production.

    • Meibography

    This is a zero-touch, quick infrared imaging to check if the structure of the meibomian glands are normal, dilated, shortened or atrophied. This is advanced testing for detecting the level of dysfunction of the meibomian gland.

    How is Dry Eye Disorder Treated?

    So when the disorder is properly diagnosed, now comes the time to eradicate the disease. Treatment of Dry Eye mainly involves three levels. In the first level, the doctor will suggest making some lifestyle changes such as avoiding dusky, smoky environments, quitting smoking, taking care of the eyelids, maintaining proper ratio to blink, and using premium quality sunglasses etc. Along with these, some specific medications are also prescribed to get rid of the ailments.

    The level two of the treatment demands to continue the lifestyle modifications of the previous level and some more advanced medications are added to it. And if required, in the third level of the treatment, the best eye surgeons in Mumbai offer advanced intense pulsed light therapy sessions that can treat the Dry eye. This advanced technique, called the E-Eye is available at Arohi Eye Hospital. Depending on the severity of the disease and the health condition of the patient, the doctors suggest different methods of dry eye treatment.

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    Opt for the Best Dry Eye Treatment at Arohi Eye Hospital

    Dry eye disorder is not a very serious disease but if not treated timely it can lead to blindness and other such issues. Arohi Eye Hospital has the most experienced team of doctors who take care of the entire eye treatment with efficiency. The state-of-the-art laboratories and operation theatres are equipped with advanced machinery to impart world-class treatment to all patients.

    So if you’re looking for the best care for any of your eye-related issues, Get in Touch with us to experience the difference in your vision!