With aging and various common medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol the retina inside our eyes may get affected and we may have visual problems. Patients with retinal diseases might face vision problems such as poor eyesight, floaters, low night vision, reduced peripheral vision, and loss of eyesight. If you or any of your near ones are experiencing such symptoms, please visit the most technology advanced retina center in Mumbai for the best retina treatment.

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    There’s a more detailed discussion on some common types and symptoms of retinal disease in this blog. To learn them, read ahead.

    What is Retinal Disease?

    The human eye is one of the most intricate and tender organs of the body. It has several parts and the retina is one among them. Inside our eyes, there is a nerve layer of cells interlining the back wall. This layer is called Retina. It senses light and transmits the signal to the brain so that we can see. So if the retina becomes weak and unhealthy, all the tasks related to your eyesight like reading, writing, driving, becomes challenging. With the right retina treatment by the best eye surgeon in Mumbai at the right time, you can save your eyes from the unforeseen anomalies.

    Common Retinal Disease and Symptoms

    Diabetic Retinopathy
    This is the commonest retinal disease seen. Prolonged and uncontrolled diabetes can make the blood vessels in the back of your eye weak. These weak vessels start leaking and the fluid passes into and under the retina. This causes the retina to swell and as a result, your vision gets foggy and distorted. New abnormal capillaries are developed in the eyes to compensate for the weak ones. These are more harmful as they break, bleed, and worsen your vision.

    Once a year eye checkup is recommended by eye doctors for all diabetic and hypertensive patients to diagnose this common problem.


    Floaters are shadows of condensation of the vitreous gel inside the eye. A patient with floaters in his eyes can see a black spot in the vision. It is commonly seen in people with minus numbers and post-trauma to the eyes. If the floaters increase in number or size one should immediately consult a retina specialist

    Macular Degeneration

    Another critical retinal disease is age-related Macular Degeneration in which the central part of your retina gets affected. This happens due to old age and genetic predisposition The symptoms are blurred central vision and inability to do near work. Two types of macular degeneration can happen, one is wet and the other is dry. Patients might develop the dry form first and then delay in treatment can progress to the wet form in one or both eyes.

    Retinal Detachment

    When the fluid under the retina passes through a retinal tear, the retina separates from the underlying tissue layers. This condition is called retinal detachment. Genetic predisposition, high myopia, and peripheral degenerative changes in the retina can lead to this condition. Sudden onset of multiple black dots and a curtain-like feeling in front of the eye are the common symptoms associated with this condition. This condition needs to be treated immediately by a retina specialist, delay in treatment can result in partial or complete loss of vision.

    Retinitis Pigmentosa

    Retinitis Pigmentosa is a critical eye condition that is inherited from forefathers. Delay in diagnosis and treatment can cause retinal detachment. Symptoms of this disease are loss of night vision, side vision, and color blindness. Being a genetic eye condition, there’s a higher risk in the adults or adolescents of being affected by this disease.

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