Retinal damage accounts for a good percentage of eye problems across the globe. And, people who suffer from such problems have a really difficult time! Out of the variety of retinal problems that people may suffer from, retinal detachment is one of the most severe issues. As the name itself suggest, retinal detachment involves the separation of the retina from the layer of blood vessels within the eye that provide it with oxygen and nutrients. It can be caused as a result of too much fluid being accumulated behind the retina, an eye injury, presence of other eye disorders, genetic predisposition, or a previous cataract surgery. Just as the retinal detachment occurs, you may first experience floaters or flashes within your eye, or an appearance of a grey curtain in your field of vision. Any such symptoms call for an immediate consultation with an eye specialist!

Laser treatment for retina detachment

If any retinal damage, tears, or detachment is diagnosed, the doctor will suggest you to undergo a laser treatment. A laser retina treatment in Andheri West can bring excellent outcomes with incredible rate of success. The procedure involves a finely nuanced continuous wave high-energy laser delivery to the retina, which creates scarring to bind the retina to the underlying tissue. The procedure is 100% safe and has seen success rates as high as 98%.

During the procedure, three concurrent consecutive rows of laser spots are applied to the area that surrounds the tear or detachment up to the ora serrata. It is important that the laser is brought anterior to the retinal tear, so that the sub-retinal fluid does not track anterior to the laser treatment. Treatment patterns may vary depending upon the condition of the retina and the tear, and also with the surgeon who is performing the procedure. However, any pattern followed is safe and successful. All you need is a professional carrying out the retina treatment in Andheri West. However, the general repetition rate can be set anywhere between 250 to 300 milliseconds, with an average of three rows around the tear or detachment to seal it down. However, one important thing to note here is that you need a good anterior laser. Even if the posterior laser is good, a poor anterior laser will cause the fluid to track around the tear or detachment.

Where to go for the treatment?

Arohi Eye Hospital is where you can get the best kind of retina treatment in Andheri West. Here, the professionals are expert in performing the laser treatment. Other procedures that you may undergo to have a successful rate of success include cryopexy, pneumatic retinopexy and sclera buckling. The first involves applying a freexing probe to the external wall of the eye to freeze the retina; the second involves injecting air or gas into the eye; while the last involves sewing a small silicone material to the outside eye surface to relive the force caused by the vitreous tugging on the retina. Arohi Eye Hospital is an expert in all these procedures, thus all you need to do is walk in and leave the rest to the doctors there!