While we have already spoken about a lot of after cataract surgery tips in our earlier blog, today we bring some more things that you must remember and take care of if you have undergone or are planning to undergo a cataract surgery in Andheri West. If you ascertain that you will follow these suggestions, we ascertain that you will recover faster, better, and easier after your cataract surgery. So, here is the list.

Do not expose your eye

Just immediately after the cataract surgery in Andheri West, for a few days, the operated eye is very sensitive, because the new lens is slowly getting attached to it. Any kind of dust or wind, if comes in contact with your eye, can cause defect in the process, which will hinder the new lens from attaching properly to the eye. This is why you should keep your eyes away from outside exposure; and this is the reason why doctors prescribe closed black glasses to be worn all day after the surgery.

Do not put pressure on your operated eye

One very important thing to remember is that you are not supposed to put any kind of pressure on the operated eye. Putting pressure here means putting any kind of strain on it, whether internally or externally. Internal strain can be caused by taking part in activities like heavy weight lifting, which can cause tension on the nerves of your eyes. And, external strain is when you have itchy eyes or when something enters your eye, and you start rubbing them hard to get rid of the discomfort. So, don’t put any kind of strain on your operated eye; or your condition will get worse. In fact, rubbing your eyes is the worst thing you can do! Your new lens is just on the surface of the eye, not yet attached properly. Rubbing your eye will dislocate the lens, failing the results of the surgery. This will not only not enhance your vision, but will also increase your pain.

Take painkillers as prescribed

A cataract surgery could be a little painful and uncomfortable. To help you get rid of such symptoms, your doctor will already prescribe you some painkillers and medications. Make sure to take them as prescribed to reduce the pain. And, even if the pain has subsided, keep the dose on until the doctor tells you to stop. Don’t take decisions on your own, or you may have to bear the consequences later.

Stay in touch with your ophthalmologist

Last but not the least, stay in regular touch with your ophthalmologist. Keep up with the regular eye checkups and consultations to make sure your eye is recovering well and in good condition. This will also prevent any possible complications by identifying any potential problems early on.

Now, if you haven’t yet undergone a cataract surgery, you are probably on the path to, which is why you are on this page. So, if you are yet to get the surgery done, make sure you have it done at Arohi Eye Hospital, where you can have the best cataract surgery in Andheri West, with the fastest and finest results.