The thought of any surgery can be intimidating; and when it is a surgery related to the eyes, it can be even more frightening. But, trust us, if you have your surgery done by a specialist, there should be nothing to worry about. If a professional is taking up the responsibility of performing a surgery on your eyes, you must trust that it is for your well-being, and that everything is being done after proper analysis to ensure that the surgery is in your favour.

Success of cataract surgery

Every year, millions of people undergo a cataract surgery, with 98% of surgeries being highly successful. This means that there should be no reason why you should fear from having a cataract surgery done. Obviously there is a 2% of chance of not getting highly successful outcomes, but this is very rare; and you should be absolutely positive before going in for the surgery. Positivity in your mind can lead to positive outcomes. You need to stay positive that you’ll have a clearer and renewed vision after the surgery. Professional eye specialists have confirmed that cataract surgery is an extremely safe procedure that can improve vision up to 95-98%, thus improving the quality of life. However, the final outcome of the vision depends a lot on the condition of an individual patient’s eye including his cornea, retina, optic nerve, and any other pre-existing eye condition.

Are you an ideal candidate for cataract surgery?

Anyone who wants to get rid of their natural cloudy lens can undergo a cataract surgery. However, patients can be denied surgery is they are too advanced in age, or have a pre-existing eye disease like Dry Eye or glaucoma, or have a poor health condition. Also, pregnant and nursing women cannot undergo the surgery. In addition, you will have to tell the surgeon about all the medications you are on. If any medication conflicts with the surgery, the procedure won’t be advised for you.

Possible complications associated with cataract surgery

Almost all patients regain good vision following a cataract surgery. However, no surgeon in the world can guarantee 100% results. This is because despite the fact that cataract surgery can bring the best outcomes, there could be as less as 1-2% cases of complications, such as infection, inflammation, slight drooping of eyelid, swelling, reflection from the lens implant, corneal haze, and delayed healing. Nevertheless, these complications can be treated and recovered with medication over time. Thus, there should be nothing to worry about.

Where to have your cataract surgery done?

To conclude, cataract surgery is in fact a safe procedure that can bring the best outcomes for your vision. Now, the question arises as to where you can go for a cataract surgery. If you are looking for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai, Arohi Eye Hospital is where you should be. Here, you’ll have only the best specialists having years of experience treating your condition, who will make sure that you receive nothing but the best. Complete diagnosis will be done and tests will be conducted to ensure that you are a good candidate for cataract surgery. Also, after the surgery, aftercare tips will be given, and after surgery consultations will be arranged for, to keep a check on your eyes for any complications or any other special considerations.