Winters are here, and we are struggling to keep up with our constantly striking hunger, laziness, tendency to feel sleepy, staying warm, and dealing with our dry skin. But, one thing that goes unnoticed is the problems that winter brings with it that affect the eyes.

If you think that you need to take care of your eyes only during summers when the sun is gleaming overhead, and that winters keep our eyes away from damage from the sun, you are highly mistaken. Our eyes are equally vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of the sun during the winters, as they are during summers. If you are out in the sun for a long time, too much sunlight can sunburn your eyes and cause temporary blindness. This affects mostly those who live in snowy areas, as there is too much sunlight being reflected off the snow, which is why the problem is known as “snow blindness”. So, what can you do keep your eyes away from such problems? Take a look.

Keep your sunglasses on

Sunglasses are not meant to be worn only during the summers. You can wear them 365 days a year when you are out in the sun. So, make use of them and put them on during winters too to keep your eyes protected against snow blindness. Use a pair of polarized 100% UV-blocking sunglasses to keep the harmful UV rays away.

Keep your goggles on while skiing

Skiing and snowboarding are fun activities that we can enjoy during winters. But, while you are enjoying the activities, your eyes are getting exposed to more UV rays than normal. The sunlight at high altitudes, where there is snow, is extremely harsh. This is why you need to make sure that you have your goggles on while performing these activities. Wear polarized 100% UV-blocking goggles, and also ensure that they have vents or anti-fog coating, which prevent fogging of the lenses with the cold foggy air hitting your face. If you wear eye glasses, you can also find ski goggles that can fit comfortable over them. So, whatever the case, don’t ignore wearing your goggles.

Stay hydrated

Just like the summer heat dries up the liquid within our body to make us feel dehydrated and weak, the dry winter air can dry up your eyes and make them feel irritated. Fight back against these dry eyes by staying hydrated, using a humidifier in your home, and applying recommended eye drops at regular intervals.

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