Visiting the eye hospital in Mumbai can be a regular job for people using eye-glasses or contact lenses. Doctors prescribe a variety of eye drops for different eye conditions but putting them in the right way can sometimes be a challenge for many of you. But with a few tips and practice, you can easily overcome the difficulties of putting in your eye drops. And here in this blog, we have discussed the right ways to use eye drops on your eyes to get the full benefit of the medicine. If you are facing any trouble getting the eye drops, you can talk to the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai.

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    Tips for Using the Eye Drop in a Right Way

    To get the complete benefit of your prescribed eye drops, timing and dosage are crucial. Whatever may be the cause of your eye drops, using them correctly can help you get the most out of the treatment. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use your eye drops easily.

    Prepare the Eye Drops:

    1. Wash your hands well before touching the eye drop or the eye. No matter what the situation is, never touch your eyes or eye drops with dirty hands.
    2. For those who use contact lenses, take them out before putting in the eye drops. Although you can ignore this step only if your eye doctor advises you to do so.
    3. Before putting in the eye drops, shake the file intensely, so that the entire medicine can be mixed up.
    4. Now your eye drop is absolutely ready to use. So you can remove the cap carefully.
    5. But remember, after you remove the cap, don’t touch the tip of the dropper.

    Putting In the Eye Drops:

    1. Lie down on your bed and look up at the ceiling. You can also tilt your head while you’re sitting on a chair and look up at the ceiling. A few people feel it helpful to focus on any specific object. So you can take any of these positions at your convenience.
    2. Then use your one hand to pull your lower eyelid downwards, away from your eye so that it can form a pocket for the eye drops to put in.
    3. Now that your eyes are ready, hold the tip of the dropper directly over the eye pocket you have created by pulling the lower eyelid.
    4. It’s time to squeeze the bottle of the eye drop gently and allow the drop to fall into the pocket of your eye.
    5. Remember not to touch the dropper to the eye, else bacteria from the eye can contaminate the dropper tip.

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    After You’ve Put In the Eye Drops

    1. Now is the time to let the eye drop work properly. After you put in the drop, close your eyes and don’t blink.
    2. Then apply gentle pressure on the tear ducts, i.e. at the junction of eyelid and nose.
    3. Hold the tear duct to close it for some time, maybe for a minute or two or as prescribed by your eye doctor, so that the drops don’t slip into your nose and stay in the eye and work properly.
    4. Use a tissue to wipe off any excess medicine from the eyelid.
    5. If necessary, repeat the same procedure for the other eye.
    6. Now when all are done, wash your hands properly before you touch anything else.

    More Tips for Using Eye Drops:

    1. Keep a gap of five to ten minutes between two eye drops if you need to take more than one eye drop at a time.
    2. Follow your doctor’s prescription thoroughly and apply the eye drops exactly the same time as per the prescription.
    3. You can also keep the eye drops at the refrigerator, but before doing so take permission from your eye doctor.
    4. You can use different kinds of eye drop assistance devices if you are unable to do it on your own.
    5. Also, you can ask any of your family members or any caregivers to help you put your eye drops.

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