Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common eye disease these days. Computers are now a part of our lives. We can not imagine our works without the help of computers. But did you know that the prolonged exposure to computer screens are causing your eyes a lot of difficulties in vision? If not treated on time, this vision problem can lead to severe eye conditions and disrupt your normal life. But with the leading eye hospital, getting the best treatment for CVS is easier than ever. Here in this blog, we’re offering a detailed discussion on the disease of the modern generation, its cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment etc.

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    What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

    CVS are a set of special eye conditions that are the causes of uninterrupted use of digital screens due to prolonged work hours.

    Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome

    We use computers for a lot of different reasons such as for work, study, entertainment etc. The long hours of exposure to the digital screen reduces the number of times our eyes blink. While working on a computer, our eyes blink less than it normally does. Usually, our eyes blink 16 to 20 times per minute. But studies have revealed that while using computers the number of blinking is reduced to 6 to 8 times per minute. So as we keep our eyes wide open looking at the screen, it dries up the tear film and causes dry eyes.

    Also, when we read something on the computer, the letters on the screen have no well-defined edges and lack contrast, unlike the printed letters. Hence, it creates discomfort in one’s eyes to stay focused on the screen. But repeated refocusing on the characters lead to eye fatigue, eye strain, burning, CVS pink eye etc. Also, poor lighting can further worsen the issues of CVS.

    Apart from these, other reasons for this eye condition are:

    • Poor sitting posture in front of the computer
    • Poor lights producing reflections or glares, abnormally dim or bright images
    • Failing to blink often and moisture the eye surface
    • Using improper eye-glasses while working on the computer
    • Colour of walls in the room you work
    • Anti-reflective coating
    • A direct blow of air or air-conditioner on the eyes

    Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

    For all the digital display users it’s important to learn the signs and symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Also staying alert is important to avoid permanent damage in the eyesight. A few signs and symptoms of this Computer Vision Syndrome are:

    • Heaviness on the eyes
    • Cloudy vision
    • Eye Strain while using digital screen
    • Frequent headache while working
    • Pain in the neck and shoulders while working
    • Double eyesight
    • Irritation in the eyes
    • A tendency to vomit while focusing
    • Dizziness while sitting in front of the computer etc.

    Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

    Although CVS is a very common disease for those working on a computer, there are some ways to prevent the rise of this condition. Some common ways to prevent this disease are:

    • Push down the computer screen to place it 4-8 inches below your eye level and at a distance of 20-28 inches from your eyes.
    • Turn on your lighting to reduce glare and harsh reflections. Also, you can use glare filters over your computer screen.
    • Place a document holder next to your computer screen. Keep it close enough so you don’t have to swing your head back and forth or repeatedly change your focus.
    • Fumes or low humidity worsen a dry eye disease.
    • Blink more often whenever you feel like your eyes are getting dried up or irritated.
    • Follow a rule of looking away every 20 mins beyond 20 feet and blink 20 times. Take breaks from looking at the screen frequently.
    • Ask your doctor if you can use artificial tears and use it to lubricate your eyes whenever needed.

    Talk to the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai for expert advice and treatment of this disease.

    Cure CVS with the Best Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

    The key issue that CVS causes is the lower the work productivity. Eye strain and fatigue slows down the workflow and causes mistakes in work. There are various ways to treat CVS but everything depends upon the extent of the issues caused by it. By using better ergonomics, first the Doctor will try to reduce the computer vision syndrome. However, it does not help to cure the eye problem. Hence, the ophthalmologists prescribe special computer eyeglasses to the patients. There are other ways to cure the issue as well.

    So if you are experiencing any of such eye discomforts or eye strain, seek medical attention immediately at Arohi Eye Hospital. Get in Touch with us for a more personalized consultation and treatment of your Computer Vision Syndrome.