Low vision, as the name itself suggest, is the condition that involves a vision that is lower than the normal levels of an individual. But, this isn’t like the normal refractive error of the eyes that can be corrected with the help of glasses or contact lenses. In fact, it involves the least minimal ability to see, which isn’t possible to correct with any such corrective measures. This is why science has come up with certain special devices for such low vision patients, which can help the individuals use their residual vision to the maximum, to enable them to continue reading, writing, and performing other preferred activities effectively and easily. These low vision devices can range from simple to complex, depending upon the needs of an individual. The simplest low vision devices include lamp, reading stand, writing guide, and signature guide. Other devices include –

Microscopic glasses

These devices are easily available and easy-to-carry devices that can help with reading and writing, and looking at objects from a near range. These glasses offer a wider field of view and are thus psychologically acceptable. However, exact reading distance is important with microscopic glasses for proper magnification and clarity.

Hand magnifiers

These devices are also easily available and easy to carry. Available in powers ranging from low to high, these devices are absolutely inexpensive. They are helpful to read even the tiniest of things printed. But, one disadvantage is that these devices need to be held by hand, thus they aren’t suitable for work involving the use of both hands, such as typing. If you are planning to use hand magnifiers, remember not to hold the magnifier close to the eye, but instead, close to the page, screen, or object that you are reading from, as this is one thing that people tend to go wrong with.

Stand magnifiers

Just like hand magnifiers, stand magnifiers also help to read from objects that are close. But, this is more convenient to use because of the stand that helps the object to be placed down. Also, the stand does not make the distance restricted. The distance between the eye and lens can be adjusted as required. These devices are very easy to use, and are available in different powers. They are also light in weight as they are basically made from plastic. Stand magnifiers are great to use for patients with a constricted field of vision, and for those suffering from macular degeneration too. But, they may result in poor posture after prolonged usage.

Hand-held telescopes

These devices are useful to read from objects at a distance. It may help to read from a blackboard, from an advertisement banner, a bus number, street signs, etc. The best part is that these telescopes are very small in size, lightweight, easy-to-carry, and very compatible. However, one disadvantage is that it is difficult to read and write simultaneously while using a telescope.

Fresnel prism

This is a thin transparent plastic sheet that induces a prismatic effect, that is, alters the direction of the image entering the eye. The sheet is attached to the lens of the glasses you wear, with the other side consisting of a series of angular grooves or prisms. These prisms are used to correct several visual disorders like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, nystagmus, and strabismus; and are also useful as a field expander in case of hemianopias.

With all such amazing innovations, low vision patients have boosted up their spirits and are living a much better life. You can also use one or more of these devices to help with your reading hobbies, habits, and careers. However, you need to receive an early and appropriate guidance and training to use all these devices. Also, you need to be advised as to which of these devices will be most helpful in your case, and of which power (for those devices that vary in power). So, when you feel you are suffering from low vision, or in fact any problems of the eyes, you must immediately walk into or seek an appointment at Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai. The professionals here can help you with every aspect of diagnosis, determining, and treatment of any and every eye condition.

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