Lasik is one of the most wonderful innovations that science has brought to us, with the eyes being able to see clearer, better, and brighter than one could see with glasses or contact lenses, only with the help of a simple 10 minute laser surgery! Lasik is generally considered a very safe procedure that has brought only benefits to all for years and years to come. But, there could also be very rare chances of side effects for some, such as dry eyes, glare, halos, double vision, and astigmatism. While these side effects are very rare, it is important that you know about them, because you should always be ready to face any circumstances, if they arise, even if you are getting operated by the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai. Despite this, you must also know whether Lasik is a good option for you. While Lasik definitely is the best option for every candidate who wants to get rid of his eye number, there are certain conditions that may hinder you from getting operated. So, what are they?

Your age

The minimum age for patients who can opt for Lasik surgery is 18 years. No one younger than that age can be provided the treatment, because the early young age always has the eye number changing from time to time. And, if this is the case, the treatment cannot be possible because it won’t be possible to decide on the right IOL implant to be inserted into the eye. Thus, it is very important that you are more than 18 years of age, and even importantly, you must have a stable number for at least two years. Also, if you are more than 40 years of age, Lasik is not advisable because around this age, the eyes start to change and a condition called presbyopia may set in soon, making it difficult to see the objects near; and Lasik won’t be able to correct this condition. But yes, surgeons may perform monovision laser surgery, which will leave the non-dominant eye slightly nearsighted so that the patient can see the objects that are close to them. Also, ages 40 and older may bring many other eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma, which cannot be solved with the help of Lasik.

Your health

To be able to have Lasik performed on you, it is absolutely important that you have an overall good health. Why, you may ask. Well, while it is obvious that you must have no eye issues like glaucoma, cataracts, optic nerve diseases, or retinal diseases, you must also have good health in terms of your heart, blood pressure, and sugar. If you have any problems like heart diseases, low or high blood pressure, or diabetes, you won’t be suggested Lasik surgery. This is because in such conditions, you may be on certain medications which may render you immunocompromised, thus keeping you from being a Lasik candidate. Thus, you must always let your surgeon know about any kinds of health problems you are having, and all the medications you are on.

Your capability of accepting risk

As mentioned above, Lasik, just like any other surgery, has certain possibilities of side effects or complications. If you are capable of accepting these risks, you may get ready to undergo Lasik. But if not, you must avoid going in for the operation, because even in the rarest condition, you must always be ready for the worst. So, unless and until you are sure to face any possible conditions, you shouldn’t undergo the surgery. A good candidate for Lasik is willing to accept reasonable risk, and the possibility of even the rarest side effects.

So, if you are ready to face any and every outcome confidently, and if you are of the right age with a stable eye number, having an acceptable eye and body health, you could opt for Lasik. And, when you are ready to go in for it, you are advised to walk in at Arohi Eye Hospital, where you can have only the best Lasik specialist in Mumbai taking charge of your condition and operation.

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