Glaucoma is one such eye condition that can occur to anyone above 40 years of age without letting that person know. And this is where a glaucoma specialist comes in. The Glaucoma specialist examines your eyes to detect the early signs of glaucoma and prescribes the right treatment to limit the damage. Among around 3 million people with glaucoma, half of them don’t even know that they are having the disease (source: Classic Vision Care). So if you are aged over 40, you should get your eyes checked with the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai or anywhere you live.

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    What is glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is a special eye condition that damages the optic nerve of the eye. Usually, when fluid builds up in the front section of the eye, it causes increased pressure in the eye. And this causes a damaging effect on the optic nerve. This condition is likely to run in the family and worsens over time.

    What causes glaucoma?

    We all have fluid inside the eye, called the aqueous humour. Usually, it flows out of the eye through a channel that is more like a mesh. So if this channel is blocked or the eye somehow produces too much fluid, the liquid builds up. Sometimes, the experts even face difficulty in identifying the causes of this build-up. But there is also a possibility that this is inherited and runs in the family.

    Apart from that, the less common reasons for glaucoma are a chemical injury to the eye, blocked blood vessels in the eye, a critical infection in the eye, and some inflammatory eye conditions as well. Although rare, there is also a possibility that a defective eye surgery to correct another eye condition can bring it on. Generally, glaucoma affects both eyes, but the effect might be more awful in one than the other.

    What are the troubling symptoms of glaucoma?

    Arohi Eye Hospital is one of the leading names in glaucoma treatment in Mumbai. We cover all the basic and advanced eye care needs of our patients. That is why our team of the best glaucoma specialists has prepared a comprehensive guide on the signs of glaucoma that will help you detect yours easily.

    1. Ups and downs in peripheral vision:

    The most common type of glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma does not come with symptoms initially until there’s a severe loss of eyesight in the patient. This type of glaucoma gradually damages peripheral vision. So the patients generally lookout for some modifications in the side vision.

    2. Hazy or cloudy pupils:

    If you are having glaucoma, other people might notice a white cloud or film on your pupil. Looking at the mirror you can also see this yourself. So if you notice such things rush to the best eye surgeon in Mumbai immediately for treatment.

    3. Loss of vision or limited vision:

    Glaucoma brings sudden loss of vision. Someday you could wake up in the morning and find that you can not see at all. There can also be changes in eyesight like fuzziness or blurriness. So if you have seen these changes, it’s important that you visit your eye doctor soon.

    4. Halos around the lights:

    Generally, people who have glaucoma see a rainbow-colored halo around the lights. If there is progress in the condition, the patient might not be able to look at the lights. These halos become blinding with time. So if you feel these issues, book an appointment with your glaucoma specialist without delay.

    5. Redness in the eyes:

    Glaucoma can sometimes feel like an infection in the eye. And when it develops, the eyes can become painful and you might find them red.

    6. Nausea, vomiting, and migraine:

    Advanced glaucoma might make you nauseated with intense pain in the eyes. Sometimes this eye pain can also come along with severe migraine or headaches. These kinds of illnesses come suddenly, so it’s better you visit the eye doctor as soon as possible

    Looking for the best glaucoma specialist in Mumbai?

    The diagnosis of glaucoma can be difficult since there are no symptoms in the early stages. So when the disease develops a lot, people suddenly lose their eyesight. But if you are a middle-aged person, and you visit your eye doctor regularly, identifying the early signs of this disease might save you from vision loss.

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place for glaucoma treatment in Mumbai, India. We have our expert team of eye surgeons and doctors that take care of a large number of eye patients every day. So if you are also looking for a good eye care center, get in touch with us.