Laser eye surgery is used to improve the vision that is malfunctioning. The eye surgeons apply advanced laser therapy in the cornea to reshape it so that the light can properly focus on the retina and you have a clear vision. Generally, if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, laser eye treatment is the best way to correct your vision.

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    How is Laser eye surgery performed?

    The term LASER is the short form of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. It’s one of the more complex and delicate treatments where the surgeon applies the Laser in the third layer of the cornea to get effective visual results.

    The doctor first puts an anaesthetic eye drop on the eye. After that, he uses a speculum to hold the eyelids wide open. Then the doctor centres the cornea and makes an opening on it to apply the Laser to the exposed underlying tissue of the cornea. Once he completes the application, he replaces the opening and lets it heal naturally.

    So what are the immediate benefits of laser eye treatment?

    Mainly in Laser eye surgery, the surgeon gives a renewed shape to the cornea so the light that focuses on the retina can produce an accurate and clear vision. The key benefits of the Laser treatment in the eyes are:

    • First and foremost, it corrects the refractive power of the eye
    • It’s a painless procedure that is quick to conduct
    • Also, it’s a completely computer-guided process
    • The outcome is accurate, precise, and long-lasting
    • Treats farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism
    • Effective and secured process for vision correction
    • Decreases the dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses

    Who is an eligible candidate for Laser eye surgery?

    An ideal candidate for laser surgery will be the one who

    • Is 18+ years of age
    • Have hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism
    • Is not pregnant or lactating
    • Does not have any history of corneal eye disease
    • Is not suffering from diabetes, glaucoma, or such significant health issues
    • Does not have any critical disease that can decrease the effectiveness of this surgery
    • Is not having a thin or uneven cornea
    • Does not take medicine that may impact the outcomes of the surgery

    Reach out to the best eye care center for a comprehensive vision correction with painless laser surgery.

    How to take care of your eyes post laser surgery?

    Taking care of your eyes after the surgery is done is necessary to quicken the healing process and maximise the outcomes. So during this time, you should take the following measures:

    • Firstly, remember not to rub your eyes
    • Secondly, no eye makeup should be done for at least a week
    • Also, don’t let tap water get into your eyes
    • Give swimming a pause for a couple of weeks
    • Then, avoid exercising for at least a week
    • Wear sunglasses when out for a month
    • Avoid washing your hair or taking shower for a few days post-surgery.

    Is Laser eye surgery permanent?

    Yes, for a majority of the patients, Laser eye treatment ensures a permanent outcome. With this, you can get rid of your eyeglasses for life. Laser surgery in the eye corrects the shape of the cornea and restores the power of the eyes to see objects. It’s a quick and painless procedure of vision correction.

    However, for patients with critical health issues or eye conditions, the outcomes of the surgery may differ. Talk to your eye surgeon in detail about the same.

    What is the recovery time for the eyes after laser surgery is done?

    The immediate aftereffect of the Laser eye surgery in a patient’s eye might be an itchy or burning sensation. However, it won’t last long. The surgeon will recommend mild pain medication to alleviate the issue. Also, he will prescribe an eye shield to protect your eyes from sunlight and dust. Since there will be no stitch to secure the opening in the eye, this eye shield will help protect the eye from accidentally rubbing or applying pressure.

    Moreover, the surgeon will also ask you to take an off from your office works to quicken the healing process. Also, you need to go for an immediate follow-up checkup as per the instructions of your eye doctor. Again, there will be some additional appointments with the surgeon over the past 6 months to ensure the outcomes are proper.

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