Toxic anterior segment syndrome or TASS is a complication that can follow an eye surgery. While it is not always a condition that can be instigated, but it is better to be aware of the condition, just in case it is a complication that your body takes on. Don’t take TASS to be a small side-effect. Although rare, but it definitely is a serious condition! This is because it can cause atrophy of the iris, damage to the optic nerve, cystoid macular edema, posterior capsular opacification, and many other serious conditions.

How can TASS be identified?

TASS damages the eye tissues and optical nerves, thus creating blurred vision and severe inflammation. A yellow exudate can be seen in the lower half of the anterior chamber. Also, redness in the conjunctiva and furthest-out layer of the sclera can be seen. There could also be severe sensitivity to light and brightness. All these symptoms can be seen anywhere between 12 and 48 hours of the surgery. However, there are cases where such symptoms have been seen to occur even up to a week after the surgery. So, just be on the lookout for any such symptoms after any eye surgery that you go through, and get in touch with a reputed and reliable eye checkup clinic immediately if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above!

What causes TASS?

TASS can be caused due to anesthetics or ointments employed by ophthalmologists and their staff before or during surgery. Any kinds of detergents and enzymes may also cause TASS. Another main cause that has been seen to induce TASS in patients is the reduced sterilization time being put in to disinfect surgical instruments! Thus, one of the first steps to reduce the possibilities of TASS is to make sure that the surgical instruments being used for surgery are perfectly sterilized with no traces of detergents, enzymes, or any such harmful elements. Another reason to develop TASS is certain intraocular medications that patients may be exposed to, like irrigation solution antibiotics and intracameral antibiotics.

How can TASS be avoided?

While the major portion of the prevention of TASS goes in the hands of the surgeon and his staff with the instruments, there are also some other advanced troubleshooting actions that can be taken up to prevent the condition. Ensuring that the autoclave reservoirs and ultrasound baths are regularly cleaned can cut down on the spread of endotoxin contamination, and the raging spreading of gram-negative bacteria.

Doctors must realize that a tiny bit of care on their part can prevent a ton of problems arising for a patient. Having the patient to develop TASS or not is only in the hands of the doctors. Thus, they must realize this and take critical care to prevent their patients against this serious condition. Arohi Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in Andheri West Mumbai where the doctors take complete care of providing the best eye care services to their patients. They take up the condition of their patients as their own responsibility, which is why they take utmost care for their actions before, during, and after surgery. And, when it comes to treating children, there is also an experienced pediatric ophthalmologist who has complete knowledge and skill in treating various kinds of simple and complicated eye issues that can affect children; namely eye infections, squint, ptosis, amblyopia, retinopathy of prematurity, paediatric cataract, paediatric glaucoma, paediatric refractive errors, congenital diseases of the eye, and tear duct blockage. So, whether it is you or your children, Arohi Eye Hospital is definitely the best place you can be to have your eyes treated!