Cataract surgery is a very common procedure that is being performed across the globe to help cataract patients see clearly after a very safe and comfortable operation. It generally takes a few days to recover from the pain and discomfort caused after the surgery, after which one can get back to his normal everyday routines. But, the complete recovery and healing of vision takes around 8 weeks. This is why it is suggested that you put any strenuous activity on hold for a few weeks. You could begin with light necessary activities after a week of your surgery, but keep your vigorous activities like work-outs and exercises at bay. Not doing so, and returning to exercising too soon after the surgery can increase the possible complications related to the procedure, which may have you to deal with a lot of problems for the rest of your lives.

Why shouldn’t you resume exercise immediately after getting a cataract surgery done?

  • For the first few days after the surgery, your vision may be a little blurry, thus increasing your chances of getting hurt by bumping into something. And, injuries occurred at this time will only increase the complications.
  • Cataract surgery makes the eyes more vulnerable against the dust particles in the air. This is why you will be asked to wear special glasses for a few days or weeks after the surgery too. It is thus wise not to take a risk of exercising for a few days after the surgery.
  • Any kind of water entering your eyes can be harmful for the few days after your surgery. You are thus advised complete care while brushing, washing your face, or bathing. Same is the case for hitting the gym. If you do any hardcore exercises, you are likely to sweat. And, if that sweat on your forehead gets in touch with your eyes, you can’t imagine the damage it can cause!
  • When you do exercises like bending, lifting, and straining, it can increase pressure around the eyes, thus complicating the healing process. You must thus avoid the gym, and also other strenuous activities at home like lifting heavy objects or things that cause strain.

If you don’t take complete care of your eyes for the next few days after your cataract surgery, you may increase the risks of complications such as retinal detachment, corneal swelling, ocular hypertension, fluid build-up in the eye, and dislocation of the lens implanted. The worst case could be permanent blindness!

So, what is the exact time period you need to give your eyes to heal before you can hit the gym?

We know that if you are a fitness freak, it is going to be very difficult for you to quit your workouts, but if you don’t do that for a few days, you can see the number of complications you may bring yourself into. We therefore advise you to wait for at least a week before hitting the gym. And, if you are too keen on keeping yourself fit, you could always go for a light walk around your neighbourhood, or a little stretching, or any other activity that doesn’t involve bending from the waistline or lifting any heavy objects. But whatever you do, remember, the first few weeks after your surgery are very critical!

So, it is better that you are mentally completely prepared before you go in for a cataract surgery, so that it becomes easier for you after the procedure. You can avail the best cataract surgery in Mumbai at Arohi Eye Hospital, and the doctors here will stay regularly in touch with you, having you to take up regular check-ups, so that you can be confirmed for the best time to take up to your regular activities and the gym.