If you are looking for the best squint specialist in Mumbai, this blog has your solution. Squint is a special eye condition in which both the eyes do not align with each other when they look at any object. In medical terms, this condition is called Strabismus. Often people call it lazy eye or crossed eye as well. However, this malalignment in the eyes happens due to mismatches like the inability of the eye to focus on a particular point off in the distance properly.

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    Who can be Affected by the Squint Eyes?

    Generally, squint eyes occur in babies or toddlers. The main reason for this is heredity or the problems during the physical development of the child. In most cases, if there is any poor communication between the brain of the child and the nerves and muscles of his eyes, the squint condition develops. However, adults who have suffered a stroke, or diabetes or any head trauma can also have squint in the eyes. Furthermore, if left untreated, a squint eye condition can lead to double vision, a lack of depth perception or loss of vision altogether.

    3 Exercises by Squint Specialists to Aid Squint Eye Treatment

    The treatment of a Squint eye or lazy eye is done with prescribed eyeglasses in the initial stages. But if the condition is in the advanced stage, doctors suggest Squint surgery. However, if the condition is detected in early childhood days, squint eye correction exercises can also help along with the prescribed therapy. Some squint eye exercises that you can do to aid the recovery process are:

    1. Pencil Pushups
    This is a simple ocular workout where you try to aim at a fixed point with both your eyes. You can also call it a near point of convergence exercises. So for doing this squint exercise you need to

    • First, hold a pencil at your arm’s length and point it away from you.
    • Then, focus your eyesight on the eraser or any numeral on the side.
    • After that, move the pencil slowly towards your nose bridge.
    • Now keep your focus fixed on the pencil as long as you can.
    • Once your eyesight gets blurry, just stop focusing.
    • Repeat the process as much time as prescribed by your best squint specialist in Mumbai.

    2. Brock String
    For doing this squint eye exercise get a 5 feet long string with three beads of a different color. Then,

    • Secure one end of the string to a stationary point like the back of a chair.
    • After that, keep the beads at an equal distance.
    • Next, hold the other side of the string tightly to your nose.
    • Now shift your focus from bead to bead. You should see a consistent focus as you do so.
    • The bead you look at will look like an intersection of two same strings with doubles of the other beads. It will form an X pattern.
    • So, if you see the strings cross in front of the bead or in its back, your eyes are not focused properly.
    • Make sure you can see an X as you focus on all the beads.
    • Finally, rearrange the beads and the string and repeat the exercise.

    3. Barrel Cards
    Barrel cards are a common exercise for outward squint eye correction. To do this you need to

    • First, draw three barrels of growing size in red color lengthwise on one side of a card.
    • Then, do the same in green color on the other side of the card.
    • Next, lengthwise hold the card vertically against your nose. Keep the largest barrel furthest away.
    • Now, look at the far barrel until it looks like one image with both the colors and the other images of the barrels have doubled.
    • Finally, maintain your focus for about 5 seconds.
    • Repeat the task with the middle and the smallest images of the barrel.

    Get the Best Squint Eye Treatment in Mumbai

    Generally speaking, to correct lazy eyes, squint specialists advise these exercises along with surgeries or other therapies. The outcomes of a squint treatment are best seen if the issue is detected at an early age. However, there are procedures to cure squint in adults as well. It includes surgical as well as non-surgical options. In the non-surgical options, doctors use patching (occlusion) prisms, prismatic glasses, monocular occlusion or fogging, botulinum toxin injection etc. to cure the condition.

    Therefore, getting your lazy eyes treated with surgery, or therapies along with exercises will boost your confidence. It’ll brighten your personality by bringing out the best in you. For advanced help, you can visit the top squint specialist in Mumbai or you can schedule an eye test with an Arohi Eye Hospital for assured and reliable treatment. All you need to do is search for an ‘eye doctor near me‘ on Google.