Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s use of digital screen time has increased a lot. This brings a bunch of eye problems and hence people are looking for ways to reduce computer eye strain. Stressed or tired eyes show a lot of symptoms and in medical terms, it is called Computer Vision Syndrome. But why does this strain occur and how to save your eyes from this? Let’s discuss.

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    Digital Eye Strain: What is This?

    Our eyes consume a lot of harmful blue light since we are obsessed with scrolling through the social media news feed, binge-watching on Netflix, and working for a long long time on the desktop amid the pandemic. This causes digital eye strain in our eyes. Long hours of staring at the screen cause headache, blurry eyesight, watery eyes, poor sleep and dry eyes. Our eyes become tired and can not work well. Although the symptoms are temporary, timely treatment saves the eyes from further vision damage. Also, the symptoms of digital eye strain can sometimes trigger and intensify pre-existing eye diseases. So to get rid of them we advise you to visit your eye specialist at the onset of the issues.

    Home Remedies to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

    However, you can also make some lifestyle changes to address the disorder. In fact, to reduce computer eye strain doctors also prescribe some lifestyle changes if the symptoms indicate an early stage of the disease. Here are some home remedy tips.

    1. Look away more often
    Often engaging in a single activity for a long time without any break causes eye strain. These days we work on laptops for a longer period of time which causes the eyes to get tired. Hence to reduce the issue, you should shift your focus to something else every 20 mins. The object on which you shift your focus should be 20 feet away from your eyes and you should look at it for at least 20 seconds. This is the 20-20-20 rule. Also, take frequent breaks during your long working hours. Like after spending a few times working on the computer you can take a walk outside in the natural light or do some activity that demands different uses of your eyes.

    2. Adjust the screen
    Make sure your digital device is set at the right distance from your eyes and is in the proper position. The device should be at your arm’s length or at least a few feet away from your eyes. The screen should be at your eye’s length or a little lower. Also, you can enlarge the texts on your screen to suit your level of comfort. And still, if you have persistent discomfort in seeing objects due to eye strain, reach out to the best eye hospital in Mumbai.

    3. Get the right light
    The wrong lights can increase the eye strain to a great level. So depending on the activity you are in, you should keep the lights either too dim or too bright. The source of the light should be behind your eyes. The screen that you are working on should be well lit as well. You need to adjust the brightness of your screen as per your comfort. Also, to avoid eye strain due to glare try to shade windows or use screen filters.

    4. Check the air quality
    Poor quality of air at your place may contribute to your eye strain. Any polluted or dry environment with improper ventilation, heaters, fans or air conditioning systems can cause severe eye strain. You can turn the heating and cooling system down and try to avoid a direct blow of the cold air on your eyes. Improve the air with a humidifier or you can also relocate to a place where you don’t face the same air problems.

    5. Use the right eyewear
    Computer vision syndrome can be severe if not addressed at the right time. But by using the right eyeglasses or contact lenses you can guard your eyes against harmful blue light. Visit your eye doctor to determine the number of your glasses and opt for blue light glasses or blue light lenses or computer glasses with a coating to block the harmful rays that can disrupt your vision and regular sleep pattern.

    6. Blink frequently
    When you work on your devices you often forget to blink. Human eyes generally blink 15-20 times per minute. But while staring at the digital screen this number reduces to 5-7 times only. This makes the eyes dry. Blinking has a lot of advantages like it keeps the eyes moist, washes out any foreign particles or irritating debris from the eyes. So you need to blink more often when you are playing video games or working on your laptop or scrolling through social media.

    7. Limit screen time
    Limiting screen time is necessary for people of all ages, especially children. Try to spend less time on your computer or mobile phone or any digital devices. This will help your eyes take rest and perform well throughout the day.

    Get a Regular Eye Exam and Reduce Computer Eye Strain

    So these were some of the home remedies to reduce computer eye strain. But if you have severe vision problems we recommend you visit your eye specialist and get proper treatment. Neglecting these issues at an early stage can cause serious diseases in the latter years of your life. Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place to get a comprehensive eye exam and treatment in Mumbai. So for any such issues, book your appointment today.