Eye pain can be of different types but when there’s pressure behind the eye, that unpleasant sensation is something else altogether. Although the reason can vary from person to person, this issue can possibly impact the health of your eyes. Whatever may be the reason, when you have pressure in or behind your eyes, it feels terrible. But with the specialists at Arohi Eye Hospital in Mumbai, you are sure to get the best cure for any of your eye problems.

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    Now let’s discuss the possible causes for the eye pressure and the treatment.

    What Causes the Pressure Behind the Eye?

    Several factors that play a crucial role in the pressure you feel behind your eyes are:

    1. Damaged optic nerve
    Optic nerves are the key part of our eyes. They send visual information from our eyes to the brain. But if the optic nerve has swelling or inflammation due to infections such as Mumps, Measles, Syphilis, Lupus, Tuberculosis, or other autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Sjogren syndrome etc., it then affects our eyes badly. The inflammation in the optic nerve is called Optic Neuritis and it causes severe pressure and pain inside and behind the eye. Some symptoms are:

    • Colour blindness
    • Side vision loss
    • Vision loss in one eye
    • Blurry vision, especially when the body temperature increases
    • Pain in the eye during its movement
    • Bright light sensitivity
    • Overall reduced eyesight etc.

    2. Dry eye syndrome
    Dry eye syndrome is a very common eye condition you might suffer from. Our excessive use of the digital screen due to long working hours or entertainment has been the reason behind this condition. So patients with dry eye syndrome for a prolonged time can experience pressure behind the eye. Other symptoms may include:

    • Light sensitivity
    • Redness in the eye
    • Scratchy or burning sensation in the eye
    • Blurry eyesight
    • Tired eye or eye fatigue
    • Watery eyes etc.

    So, if you are experiencing such signs and symptoms in your eyes, don’t delay visiting your eye specialist and opt for a complete dry eye treatment immediately.
    3. Grave’s disease
    Grave’s disease is the outcome of an overactive thyroid gland. It can cause inflammation to the muscles, tissues, and fat behind the eye. The eyeball can also get bulged from the socket which can lead to more concerns such as difficulty in moving the eyeball etc. This inflammation behind the eye results in the feeling of pressure and discomfort. Besides, a few eye-related symptoms of this condition are:

    • Double vision
    • Light sensitivity
    • Dry eyes
    • Swelling out of the eye from the socket
    • Ulcers in the eye
    • Loss of vision
    • Swelling of the eyeball
    • Unusual tearing of the eyes
    • Irritated eyes
    • Difficulty in the movement of the eye etc.

    4. Migraine and such headaches
    Researches have shown that the pain and pressure behind the eye and migraine and other such headaches like cluster, tension etc. can go together. However, migraine and tension-type headaches have nothing to do with the stress in the eyes. Some other symptoms of migraine can be the following:

    • Blurry vision
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Pulsing pain in the skull
    • Sensitivity to sound
    • Light sensitivity
    • Unusual sounds or lights before the headache

    5. Sinus infection
    Sinuses are located behind, above, below and between the eyes and are hollow spaces. Hence, any infection with the sinus can cause pain in or around the eyes and face. One of the key signs of sinus infection is that you’ll feel throbbing pressure and pain around the eyes. Other signs include:

    • Excessive headache
    • Runny nose
    • Pressure or pain in the face
    • Loss of the sense of smell
    • Fever
    • Sore throat
    • Bad breath
    • Tiredness
    • Cough
    • Mucus falling from the nose down the throat etc.

    How Do You Get Rid of the Pressure Behind the Eye?

    Getting rid of the pressure or pain in your eyes can be easy if you rush to your eye specialist as soon as you notice a few of the above symptoms. You can visit the best Glaucoma specialist in Mumbai for a diagnosis of the underlying cause of the discomfort in your eyes.

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