Watery eyes are common eye problems for people of all ages. Tears are very important parts of the eye. They are responsible for the proper functioning of the eye. Tears keep the eyes lubricated, wash away any dust and foreign particles, etc. Tears also protect the eyes against infection as they are part of the immune system too. Normally, the eyes produce tears through tear ducts. But when the eye produces a lot of tears, the tear ducts overflow. This condition disrupts the normal functioning of the eyes. So consult your eye specialist if you have a prolonged case of watery eyes.

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    What Causes Watery Eyes?

    If you have excessive tearing of the eyes, there could be several reasons such as the following:

    1. Allergic Reactions:
    A lot of people have eye allergies but most of them tend to ignore their impacts on the eyes. Exposure to dust, pollen, mites, fumes etc can cause allergic reactions in the eyes. The eyes can get irritated, turn red, become itchy and watery. So when the eyes are exposed to such allergies, they produce excessive tears. It’s more like a defence mechanism to wash away all the foreign particles from the eyes. If you are feeling any such issues seek medical care immediately.

    2. Conjunctivitis:
    Conjunctivitis is another reason for watery eyes. It can also cause additional discharge in the form of crusts, especially at night. Pink eyes or redness in the eyes or inflammation is the primary sign of conjunctivitis. Other signs can be blurry vision, mucus or pus in the eyes etc. So if you think your eyes are getting pink and vision is cloudy, don’t just touch your eyes with your hands. Talk to your eye doctor without any delay and use medications as prescribed. Wash your eyes with clean water before you use medicines. Use a clean towel, and do not share your towel with others.

    3. Blocked Tear Ducts:
    The water channel in the eyes plays a key role in retaining the balance of fluids in the eyes. But the tear ducts can sometimes be blocked causing watery eyes. This blockage can cause swelling of the eyelids, repeated inflammation, cloudy eyesight, redness in the eyes etc. Other signs of blocked tear ducts include crusty eyelids, mucus and blood in the tears. So if your eyes are always leaky, watery and irritated, see a doctor without making any delay.

    4. Dry Eyes:
    When your eyes dry up due to several reasons such as long working hours, exposure to digital screens etc, the eyes can be irritated, have a burning sensation, redness in the eyes and other vision issues. If the symptoms persist more than one or two days seek medical care. Reach out to the leading eye hospital for the best dry eye treatment in Mumbai.

    5. Issues with Eyelids:
    Eyelids are part of the drainage system of the eyes. If one of the eyelids becomes saggy or droops, the eye can not perform properly and tears won’t drain in the right way. Inward grown eyelids irritate the eyes. Other signs are mucus, dryness, redness, light sensitivity etc. So if you notice the signs you should reach out to your eye doctor for medical care.

    6. Lump on Eyelids:
    Lump on the edge of the eyelids can be stye or chalazion. These bumps can be painful and bigger in size. Ingrown stye irritates the eyes and causes excessive tearing. Other symptoms include tenderness, eye pain, swelling eyelids etc. In some cases, stye heals naturally. But if the signs persist more than 3 to 4 days, seeking medical attention would be a wise choice.

    7. Issues with Cornea:
    If somehow cornea gets scratched, it causes excessive tearing in the eyes. You might unconsciously receive a scratch in the cornea if you rub your eyes too hard or wear poor fitting contact lenses or wear contacts for a longer period of time or somehow your makeup applicator gets into the eyes or you contact sawdust or sand in the eyes. Also, the damaged cornea can cause blurry vision, redness, feeling of something trapped in the eye, light sensitivity etc. in such cases, see your eye doctor at the best eye care centre.

    What are the Remedies for Watery Eyes?

    In most cases, watery eyes are healed naturally. But if the symptoms persist and make you uncomfortable, you must visit your Doctor. The eye specialist will treat the condition by performing an eye exam and prescribing the right treatment:

    • Eye drops
    • Treating allergies
    • Antibiotics for eye infection
    • Warm wet towel press on the eyes to soothe blocked tear ducts
    • Surgical methods for treating the damaged tear drainage system etc.

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