Lasik Surgery is the most frequently performed method for refractive error correction. It takes almost 15 mins to get both eyes treated with this method. Refractive error correction is painless and an immediate process and with this procedure, you can get stabilized within one day only. Lasik treatment is appropriate for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. So let’s dive deeper to know more about this demanding technique of vision correction.

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    Is Lasik Surgery Safe in India?

    Lasik surgery is done to improve vision by correcting the shape of the cornea. The laser ray is applied to polish the corneal surface and the damaged tissue is removed selectively to reshape the cornea. This way the technique corrects the refractive power of the eye. Before starting the procedure, the doctor thoroughly examines the patient’s eye and other health conditions. Any hidden or threatening health conditions are scanned through before starting the treatment. This way, the comprehensive testing procedure ensures a very safe and secured Lasik for the patient. And the process itself includes next-level technological applications. So yes, Lasik surgery is extremely safe.

    Which is the Best Laser Eye Surgery Procedure in India?

    There are a few ways to Laser eye surgery and these are Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK), Sub Bowman’s Keratomileusis (SBK), Femtosecond Lasik (All-Laser Lasik eye surgery), Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE), Contoura Vision (Advanced Technology of All-Laser Lasik eye surgery), etc. But among all these procedures, Contoura Vision is the most advanced and sophisticated Lasik eye surgery done in the best eye hospital in Mumbai or anywhere in India.

    In this contoura procedure, a very advanced computer algorithm is used to provide superior results. Cornea modification is customized according to the condition of the cornea of the patient. This algorithm scans the shape of the cornea over 22000+ points on the surface and manages the removal at each of these points. This is why the vision correction outcomes in terms of safety, accuracy, and precision are better than all other Lasik variants. So make an appointment with the most efficient contoura surgeon and get your vision corrected easily.

    What is the Best Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai, India?

    Laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai depends from hospital to hospital. The reason behind the difference in cost is the use of different technologies, proficiency of the eye surgeons,, the infrastructure of the eye hospital, etc. In most of the places, the cost ranges between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1.2 Lakh or more. The conventional techniques are less costlier than advanced techniques. However, the more advanced the technology is, the more smooth the procedure will be.

    We would suggest focusing on the pre-laser surgery eye evaluation procedures. Here come the benefits of the best eye hospital. Arohi Eye Hospital is the leading place in Mumbai for getting your Lasik surgery done. Eye surgeons here are the most experienced and the Hospital has the latest US FDA-approved Alcon Wavelight Contoura machine. Also, the costs are affordable for patients of every financial background.

    Best Eye Hospital for Lasik Surgery in Mumbai – Arohi Eye Hospital

    Arohi Eye Hospital is the best place for undergoing Lasik surgery in Mumbai. We have the most advanced Alcon Wavelight Contoura Ex-500 machine. It’s a US-FDA approved and most innovative machine in the world. The technique is very safe, accurate, and performed with full precision. Our superior surgery procedure has fewer chances of infection and faster vision restoration for each and every patient. So for any requirements on your vision correction, Get in Touch with us.