We all have heard about cataract surgery at some point in our lives. But a lot of us have no clear idea about it. There is a natural lens inside our eyes. The light rays that come into our eyes from outside are refracted by the lens and in turn, we can see. So for a clear vision, the lens should be crystal clear.

But due to various reasons like old age or some medical condition etc., the lens develops a cataract, i.e. some cloud-like formation on it, which creates obstacles in eye-sight. So for ensuring a corrected vision, cataract surgery at the best eye hospital in Mumbai comes to your rescue.

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    What is a Cataract?

    A cataract is a medical condition for the eye where the natural lens inside the eye gets blurred and so the human vision is hampered. A vision with cataract may be misty, colors may look dull and you may have issues with reading and driving at night.

    The common signs of cataract get increased with each passing day and can never be treated with eye-glasses. So when these symptoms tend to restrict your daily activities, it’s time to opt for the best cataract surgery in Mumbai for perfect vision correction.

    What are the Causes of Cataract?

    There are various reasons for the development of cataracts on human eyes. But the most common among them is aging. Other causes are:

    1. Medical problems like diabetes, kidney disease, infection, inflammation inside the eye
    2. Any type of eye-injuries
    3. Prolonged medications, especially steroids
    4. Any type of radiation
    5. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to sunlight
    6. Previous eye-surgery
    7. Also, for children, genetic or metabolic disorders or infection or trauma can lead to cataract formation.

    What Are the Symptoms of Cataract?

    A person with a cataract in his eyes may experience different symptoms from the beginning. Although in the first place, the signs might not disturb daily activities. But with time, if the signs remain unattended and the disease is not diagnosed, the symptoms might hamper life like the following :

    1. Vision will get cloudy, although he will not feel any pain in eyes
    2. Eyes will become sensitive to the lights
    3. Difficulty to see or drive at night, especially due to lights glares
    4. Double vision in one eye or multiple images may appear
    5. Problems with reading will need brighter light to read
    6. Colors or objects will get faded or become yellowish

    So, like the above-mentioned symptoms, if you’re facing any such issues with your eye-sight, please go for a precise eye check-up and a cataract surgery by the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai and cherish the blessings of clear vision, even in your old age.

    How Should a Cataract be Treated?

    It is a fact that, if you are diagnosed with cataracts, it cannot be treated with medications, eye-drops, exercises, dietary supplements, or glasses. The only way to cure the issue is to undergo a Cataract Surgery. During this surgery, high-end instruments are used at the arohi eye hospital in Mumbai, to replace the cloudy lens in your eye with a permanent IOL implant.

    Why Do You Need a Cataract Surgery?

    Cataract formation inside the eyes can be troublesome to perform daily activities, especially in old age. The following are some of the benefits of Cataract Surgery :

    • Improve Eyesight

    A person with blurred vision is unable to do his daily activities. It might lead to injuries and accidents. So getting a corrected vision post-cataract surgery is what the eye-specialists recommend.

    • Reduce the Risks with Future Eye-sight

    Cataract, if not removed, can cause inflammation and increased eye pressure, which can eventually lead to blindness as well.

    • Have a Better Quality Life

    With a cloudy vision, it’s obvious that you will not be able to enjoy the beauties of life. Clearer vision will enable you to have a renewed social life, spending time with family and friends, reading your favorite books, watching your most cherished movies, and many more.

    Opt For the Best Cataract Surgery in Mumbai at Arohi Eye Hospital

    As one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai, Arohi Eye Hospital has been bringing clarity to millions of lives by improving eye-sight, preventing blindness, and advancing ophthalmic awareness through leading-edge and compassionate approaches to eye-care services.

    So if you’re looking for assistance regarding expert opinion, advanced treatment, and surgeries for your precious eyes, Get in Touch with us and let us help you cherish the blessings of renewed vision.