We have all already been so involved with our smartphones and laptop, and now with this Covid-19 pandemic, when we have been forced to stay at home as much  as possible, we are even more involved with all these gadgets. And, to top it all off, things have started getting even worse when the new education model has all gone online. Tiny kids are also being forced to use laptops for education, with the online classes having begun during the Unlock-1 phase in India, thanks to the pandemic! Can we even imagine how negatively this is going to impact our little one’s eyes!? While it may affect children already suffering from eye problems adversely, it may affect other children with eye strain. But, with no option available for parents, they have to have their child take up these forced online classes. So, while parents are forced to put their children in front of these harmful computer screens every day, as eye specialists, we at Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai, have come up with a few things that every parent can do to help their children reduce the strain that these digital screens are putting on their eyes. We know how precious eyes are, and how the computer screens can negatively affect them, which is why we bring forward a few tips to help. And, these tips are also helpful for those who are forced to work from home, while staying connected through video calls and emails, again done via these digital screens.

Invest in special eye glasses

First and foremost, you must shop for appropriate eye glasses. Even though you aren’t suffering from a refractive error, investing in eye glasses to be worn while you are using your screens is a good step taken. Opt for zero number spectacles that you can wear when you use your screens, to avoid blue light from your screens to directly enter your eyes. Even better, you can opt for blue light glasses or computer glasses that are specially designed to block the harmful blue light coming from your screens. These glasses can be made with any prescription strength too.

Blink more often

When using digital screens, we forget to blink. Yes, it’s true! When we use our smartphones or computers, we are less likely to blink than what we do normally. We generally blink 15-20 times every minute, but when we’re busy with our screens, this blinking goes down to only 5-7 times per minute! Such a drastic change will definitely affect your eyes, making them dry, red, and itchy. So, to avoid this, you do need to make an effort to keep reminding your eyes to blink every few seconds.

Adjust your screen display settings

Do you know why we have that “brightness” setting in our phones and laptops? Have you ever attempted to use it? Probably not. So, it’s time you do now. When you buy a new smartphone or laptop, the brightness is kept too high to help attract you with the visuals. But, this excess brightness can harm your eyes too. So, when you are supposed to use your digital screens for a longer time, make sure you reduce the brightness to a level that is comfortable for your eyes. Keep your screen at the same brightness as the environment around you. Just as much as bright screens can harm your eyes, so can dark screens too! Also, if your work involves typing or reading, you can increase the text size to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Adopt the 20-20-20 exercise

If you need to spend hours together on your computer screen, with no way to escape, then you should take on some eye exercises to help your eye nerves and veins relax. One specific exercise is the 20-20-20 procedure, which requires you to take your eyes off your screen every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, to stare at an object 20 feet away from you. Other than this, if possible, take short 5-10 minute breaks from your screen every hour.

With these simple tips, you can considerably reduce the strain on your eyes from the electronic devices you use. And, even though these tips can protect you from considerable eye strain, they won’t protect your eyes completely. So, if you trust the best eye hospital in Mumbai, we’ll still advise you to use your digital gadgets to the minimum, so as to avoid eye strain and possible headaches too!