Are you finding it difficult to manage your glasses or contact lenses? Want to get rid of them? You need to have LASIK eye surgery performed on your eyes, which will eliminate your number by a laser procedure.

Are you having cloudy vision, which is making your daily activities very difficult to execute? It’s probably cataracts, and you will have to consider having a cataract surgery to remove your cloudy natural lens and replace it with an artificial lens to restore clear vision.

These are just two of the most popular eye surgeries that are performed today. There could be many other surgeries that your eye may require. Whatever the surgery, when the time has come that you have to undergo one, choosing the right eye surgeon is a very important decision. Finding an experienced surgeon who has successfully performed surgeries in his/her specialization is important if you want the best outcomes with the least possible complications. Let us take a look at some of the factors you need to consider while choosing an eye specialist in Andheri West Mumbai to have a surgery performed on your eyes.

Speak to your doctor

If your regular doctor has suggested you to undergo a surgery, you could as well ask him for a reference. Doctors are always linked up with one another, and probably your doctor will always suggest you a professional and experienced surgeon.


You may always ask someone who has had a surgery before to ask for a referral. If they have had a successful surgery, the surgeon probably is a good one for you too. You could always consider approaching them.


The surgeon you choose must have had a number of successful surgeries under the belt. By “a number” here, we mean at least hundreds or thousands of surgeries! However, along with the number, you also want to make sure that the surgeries have been performed meeting the industry standards.


You may enquire a variety of things from the surgeon before planning to commit to him. You could ask him about the number and types of procedures performed, the entire procedure, the pre and post care, the potential complications, the guarantee of vision after the surgery, and every other information. If the surgeon is friendly and patient enough to answer your questions, you could consider him. But, if you don’t find an air of trust or comfort, the surgery won’t feel right. After all, there must always be trust and bonding between the doctor and patient.

The type of surgery

Every surgery comes in various types, depending upon the individual who is to be operated. For example, in a cataract surgery, the type of IOL to be used differs with every individual. In LASIK, there are various types of technologies used like bladeless, wavefront optimized, and topography guided. Similarly, every surgery involves different types of technologies, components, and skills. The surgeon you are choosing must be familiar with all the advancements in the specialized field, and must have the skill to use them.

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