While we have already spoken about the 4 easy ways to keep your eyes protected in our earlier blog, today we will speak specially about keeping your eyes protected even at work. Not all job types can harm the eyes, but there are certain jobs that can hurt these lovely beautiful eyes of yours. Jobs like computer-related office work can have your eyes harmed against the digital strain that the computer exposure can bring to you. On the other hand, jobs like those in mining, carpentry, welding, and any other such labourious works can cause eye injuries. So, we will speak about how these two kinds of employees can keep their eyes protected at work.

Computer-related office jobs

This is one of the highest populated sectors that has caused limitless eye strain to the eyes. When one is constantly working in front of the screen, it definitely causes digital eye strain to some extent. And, if not taken care of, and if the exposure to such screens is increased, it may lead to severe strain that may even go up till your brain to bring to you uncontrollable headache! One of the most common eye problems seen in such office workers is the Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain. Constantly staring at your screen may slowly and gradually cause your eyes to become tired, irritated, itchy and dry, or watery. This eye strain may worsen to cause headaches, neck pain, and dry eye. You can fight back against such eye strains by including certain simple activities in your routine like repositioning the screen, following the 20-20-20 rule, blinking more often, wearing special computer glasses, etc. The 20-20-20 rule involves looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, after every 20 minutes of using the screen.

Jobs involving physical labour

We have seen how certain labours involved with welding, carpentry, and other such constructional work wear eye gear before performing their task. Why? Because they know that their eyes are at risk when at work. They work so closely with tools, shards, sparks, and so much more that can instantly cause eye injuries or damage. Thousands of workers have lost their eyes because of not taking preventive measures before performing their jobs! Therefore, it is a must that when you are involved with such labourious work, you have proper eye safety equipment in hand, like glasses, goggles, welding helmet, face shield, and a full-face respirator.

Whichever segment you belong to, keep eyes protected and safe with the above mentioned tips. Even if you don’t belong to any such high-risk jobs, you must keep your eyes checked and diagnosed regularly at Arohi Eye Hospital, where you can have the best eye consultation in Andheri West Mumbai performed by the right eye doctor having years and years of experience in her own respective fields. Till date, we have diagnosed and treated more than 50,000 satisfied eye patients who are now happily seeing the world clearer with better vision.