Any and every eye surgery is intricate and delicate, no matter how easy or swift it may be with the latest technologies available. Same is the case with lasik treatment. This is a surgery that is done on the eyes to eliminate the refractive error of the eyes, or in simple words, to reduce or remove the eyeglass number from the eyes. This is done with the help of a laser and tiny surgical instruments. Depending upon these equipment and the procedure used, LASIK surgery is of various types.

What is the LASIK procedure about?

Before trying to answer the question – What happens if we move our eyes during LASIK – you should understand what the LASIK procedure is about. LASIK surgery in Mumbai is a small and quick surgery done on the eyes, without making the patient unconscious with anesthesia. But, the eye area is given anesthesia by instilling drops a few minutes before the procedure. Then, the patient is made to lie down, with the eyes kept open with the help of a device. The surgeon then uses tiny surgical instruments to partially cut the flap of the eyes. He then shifts the flap open and uses a laser to correct the refractive error of the eyes. Once done, the flap is then placed back to its original position.

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What happens is we move our eyes during LASIK?

Now, after understanding the procedure, we can come down to the main question, the main purpose of this blog. You can see how intricate the process of LASIK is as it involves cutting of the flap above the eyeball. While the device holds your eyelids in place, not letting them close, what about controlling your eyeballs? What if, out of fear, you move your eyeballs up or down, right or left, while the surgeon is operating on your eyes!?

In early LASIK procedures, excessive eye movement did pose certain issues. However, things have changed now. While patients are still required to concentrate on a particular spot during the procedure of LASIK even today, yet any kind of movement of the eyeballs can be dealt with, with the latest technologies being used.

Devices like the NIDEK EC 5000 CX3 laser used in LASIK procedures today can track eye movement to thousands of an inch! Another device, the VISX Star S4 IR machine, shows eye movement in three dimensions, letting the system work ahead of the changes, which consequently keeps the laser at the correct angle and depth. Thus, with such devices, LASIK has proven to be a safe and secure vision correction treatment.

Where can you have the best LASIK experience?

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